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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
ESE-Education: Secondary

ESE 3321C General Methods for Teaching Secondary School Subjects . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
General methods of planning, presenting and evaluating instruction, incorporating legal requirements and principles and skills of effective teaching embodied within the Florida accomplished practices. Intended for majors in the various secondary teacher education programs.

ESE 4322 Instruction, Management, and Assessment: Secondary Education . . . . . 3(F,S)
Strategies for managing the classroom, instruction and evaluation as it relates to teaching the essential school competencies.

ESE 4323 Educational Assessment . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Designed for all students in Teacher Education and focuses on assessment concepts that are critical for good teaching. Topics include (1) measurement issues to determine assessment quality; (2) teacher constructed assessments such as paper and pencil assessments, informal assessments, and performance and product assessments; (3) interpreting standardized assessments commonly used in public schools.

ESE 4940 ESOL/Reading Professional Practicum II . . . . . 3(F,S)
This clinical field experience includes integrating reading standards and ESOL competencies across the curriculum through carefully planned and designed course assignments. Under the guidance of highly qualified supervising teachers, students will work with individuals, small groups, large groups and/or the entire class. Students will also continue work begun earlier in their program on their Teacher Development Portfolio (TDP) which document Educator Accomplished Practice Competencies and ESOL Performance Standards. Minimum of 100 hours in a secondary educational setting includes: observation, planning, adapting, delivering, and evaluating units that include curriculum materials, activities, and assessments of students from diverse backgrounds, i.e., culturally and linguistically diverse (Limited English Proficient - (LEP), and students at risk for school failure. Graded on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory basis only.

ESE 6035 School Involvement and Community Relations . . . . . 3(F,SS)
Investigate techniques and strategies for developing and implementing effective home, school, community involvement programs at the secondary level. Emphasis will be placed on materials and techniques for communicating effectively with families from a variety of cultural backgrounds and the implications for industrial, labor and community relations as they impact the secondary school level.

ESE 6215 Curriculum, Instruction, Methods: Secondary Education . . . . . 3(F)
Designed to prepare the secondary teacher with the teaching/learning skills for instructional planning, facilitation, and evaluation required in the 21st century classroom. Designed to develop empowered professionals for the classroom who are masters in the areas of direct instruction, cooperative learning, applied strategies, academic and technical skill integration, and contextual learning projects and activities. A required component of the professional sequence required by the State of Florida for initial certification.

ESE 6217 Integrated Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Education . . . . . 3(F,SS)
Advanced curriculum course for graduate secondary education students. Format combines classroom instruction and student engagement focusing on integration of the content areas with a field based component in which the student applies learnings and conducts research. Emphases of instruction are integration of content, best practices in the content areas, accomplished practices in teaching, contextual learning, constructivism, cooperative learning, interdisciplinary instruction, mental habits, multiple intelligences, SCANS competencies, and authentic assessment.

ESE 6343 Practical Applications and Issues in Assessment and Classroom Management: Secondary
Education . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)

Students will examine trends, issues and practical applications in assessment and classroom management. Of special concern will be an analysis of the empirical evidence associated with current practices in assessment and classroom management.

ESE 6344 Classroom Management . . . . . 3(S)
Based on the premise that schools have a responsibility to serve society in a reconstructive role, i.e., public schools must take the lead in promoting and applying the principles of self direction and democratic citizenship. To this end, both classroom instructional practices and discipline related acts are informed and guided by democratic principles philosophical, sociological, legal, and ethical and by cognitive and social psychology findings that reflect the best of what is known regarding how people learn and what leads them to behave in responsible, self directing ways. The teacher is viewed as an informed decision maker who translates the knowledge base into effective self directing and democratically formative practices.

ESE 6421 Research Practicum . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Identification of a problem in the area of Secondary Education, review of pertinent literature and preparation of a proposal with all the necessary information, conduct of research in a professional manner, evaluation and written report of the results.

ESE 6426 Action Research . . . . . 1-6(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: ESE 6421.
Implementation of proposal prepared in Research Practicum including identification of a problem in the area of Secondary Education, review of pertinent literature and preparation of a proposal with all the necessary information, conducting research in a professional manner, evaluation and written report of the results. Graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis only.

ESE 6935 Graduate Seminar . . . . . 2(F,S)
Corequisite: EDG 5940.
Organization of knowledge, materials, and learning activities to achieve instructional effectiveness and sound classroom management techniques in elementary school settings.

ESE 6944 Graduate Methods/ESOL/Reading Practicum: Secondary Education . . . . . 3(F,S)
Corequisite: LAE 6325, MAE 6361, SCE 6625, or SSE 6326.
Implementation of a well-researched teaching approach not previously used by the candidate; maintenance of a log to indicate adaptations, required and conclusions drawn about the impact of the new approach on pupil's achievement; a professionally written report stating the approach used, the goal of the practicum, a brief review of related literature, a summary of the practicum experiences and a statement of the conclusions reached about methods, ESOL, and reading strategies is included.