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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.

EGM-Engineering: Science

EGM 2500 Engineering Mechanics-Statics . . . . . 2(F)
Prerequisite: PHY 2048.
Corequisite: MAC 2313.
Covers basic aspects of reduction of force systems, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, vector methods, and application to structures and mechanisms.

EGM 3401 Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics (UF) . . . . . 3(S)
Prerequisite: EGM 2511 (or EGM 2500), MAC 2313.
Covers material of EGM 3400 plus extended cover-age of three dimensional rigid-body dynamics and of orbital motion.

EGM 3512 Engineering Mechanics . . . . . 4(CALL DEPT)
Prerequisite: PHY 2048, MAP 2302.
Corequisite: MAC 2313.
Statics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies using vector analysis. General rigid body motion. Free body diagrams. Application to structures and mechanisms.

EGM 4313 Intermediate Engineering Analysis (UF) . . . . . 4(F)
Prerequisite: EGM 3311 or MAP 2302.
Vector differential calculus, including the concepts of gradient, divergence and curl. Divergence and Stokes theorems. Introduction to partial differential equations and Fourier series. Equations of heat conduction, wave propagation and Laplace. Complex variables and the Cauchy-Riemann conditions. Cauchy theorem and conformal mapping. A grade of "C" or better is required in the prerequisite(s). Material and supply fee will be assessed.