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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
COP-Computer Programming

COP 2120 Programming Using COBOL . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
COBOL programming for business applications. Fundamentals of structured program design are emphasized as well as basic language syntax, programming techniques, professional standards and report generation.

COP 2253 Programming Using Java . . . . . 3(F,S)
Introduction to algorithms and object-oriented programming. Topics include object-oriented design and modeling, UML, encapsulation, inheritance, data types, GUI, control constructs, looping constructs, parameter passing, and arrays. Emphasizes developing fundamental programming skills and software engineering principles in the context of an object-oriented language.

COP 2334 Programming Using C++ . . . . . 3(F,S)
Introduction to computers and algorithms. Programming in a high level language. Topics include structured programming techniques, procedural and data abstraction. Students will learn the fundamentals of developing coherent, expressive programs.

COP 3022 Intermediate Computer Programming . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: COP 2253, MAC 2311 or MAC 2233.
Corequisite: COT 3100.
A second course in object-oriented programming. Topics include object oriented modeling, algorithms, inheritance, polymorphism, input/output, error handling, recursion, searching and sorting event driven programming, and advanced GUI programming. Data structures including dynamic arrays, multi-dimensional arrays, singly-linked list, stacks and queues will be introduced. Students entering this course are expected to have solid knowledge of programming in an object-oriented paradigm.

COP 3530 Data Structures and Algorithms . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: CIS 3021 and COT 3100; and either CIS 3020 or COP 3022; and either MAC 2311 or MAC 2233.
Corequisite: MAD 3107.
Storage and manipulation of basic data structures such as arrays, linked linear lists, trees, and other multilinked structures. Algorithms for manipulation of these structures and for sorting, searching, and string processing are developed in pseudo language.

COP 3813 Internet Programming . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: COP 2253.
Covers advanced concepts of Internet programming. Students should have prior knowledge of Windows, HTML, Access/SQL/Oracle, and e-mail. In addition, students should have knowledge of data structures such as arrays, records, and files. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: Scripting languages, Web tools such as ASP, Cold Fusion, CGI, Multimedia and Graphics for the Internet, Database connectivity and Data Processing, XML and DHTML.

COP 3835 Web Based Programming . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: CE/EE/CIS/CS majors: None. CGS 3823 for all other majors.
Designed to be an Introduction to the four basic Multimedia formats: Text, Graphics, Audio and Video. Will include in depth study in formats, authoring, presentation and the principles behind digital multimedia such as digital representation, compression algorithms, and computer networking principles. Has a special emphasis on web based multimedia. Various software packages will be used in the creation and manipulation of these various media formats. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

COP 4020 Programming Languages . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: COP 3530.
An introduction to programming language principles, including language constructs, design goals, run-time structures, implementation techniques, and exposure to a wide variety of programming paradigms.

COP 4173 Advanced Visual Basic Programming . . . . . 3(S)
Covers advanced concepts of visual programming. Students should have prior knowledge of Visual BASIC, Windows, Access/Oracle and e-mail. In addition, students should have knowledge of data structures such as arrays, records and files. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: Windows API and DLL functions, the application of VB with databases, and the creation and implementation of Active X. Senior standing is required.

COP 4331 Object Oriented Programming . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: COP 3530.
Discusses fundamental conceptual models for programming languages and illustrates these with specific programming languages and application problems. Specific topics include class and object models, inheritance, and other relations among classes and objects, as well as both static and dynamic system models and implementations.

COP 4600 Operating Systems . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: CCA 3100, COP 3530 or EEL 3701.
The design and implementation of various components of a modern operating system, including I/O programming, interrupt handling, process and resource management, computer networks and distributed systems.

COP 4601 Software Systems . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: COP 3530.
Introduces students to the theory and practice of large-scale software development. Students will be exposed to principles that govern the development of a large software system and will apply these principles to the creation of a large software program. A modern software development environment will be used.

COP 4710 Database Systems . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: COP XXXX (Any course in programming).
Introduction to database systems and database management system architectures. Various database models are discussed with an emphasis on the relational model and relational database design. Case applications using fourth-generation languages, such as SQL, are included.

COP 5235 Ada Programming in Software Engineering . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
Prerequisite: COP 4020, COP 4601.
In depth examination of the Ada programming language and its effect on the concepts of software engineering. All features of the language are considered. Emphasis on the use of language features in a manner that produces code in conformance with modern software engineering practice.

COP 5522 Distributed Programming . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
Prerequisite: COP 4600.
Principles of distributed systems including different types of processes, name services, synchronization, replication, fault tolerance, distributed object-based systems, and security. Programming distributed systems in several paradigms including the TCP/IP protocol suite, MPI, RPC, and Corba.

COP 5625 Compiler Construction . . . . . 3(F)
Prerequisite: COP 4020, COT 4420.
Review of programming language structures, translation, loading and storage allocation. Review of formal language theory; regular and context free languages and grammars, and parsing. Organization of a compiler, including compile and run-time symbol tables, lexical scan, syntax scan, object code generation, error diagnostics, object code optimization techniques and overall design. Types of parsers; recursive descent, shift-reduce, LL(1), operator precedence, LR(k). Use of high-level language to write a complete compiler.

COP 5715 Advanced Database Systems . . . . . 3(S)
Prerequisite: COP 4710.
Advanced topics in database management systems, implementation issues and programming application. Use of representative microcomputer and mainframe databases. The seminar approach will be used to encourage individual research on current issues.

COP 6025 Advanced Programming Languages . . . . . 3(F)
Prerequisite: COP 4020.
Theory and practice of programming language design. Topics include: advanced language constructs, parallel programming, formal specification and implementation of programming languages, and compiler construction tools. Students will design and implement a small programming language.

COP 6611 Advanced Computer Operating Systems . . . . . 3(S)
Prerequisite: COP 4600.
Examines issues and topics in distributed operating systems, including, communication, distributed algorithms, transaction processing, security, and distributed file systems. Also covers operating system implementation including: IPC, process scheduling, device drivers, interrupt handling, system calls, file systems, and virtual memory.

COP 6930 Advanced Topics in Computer Programming . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
Selected topics in computer programming. Prerequisites will vary according to specific subject material to be covered.

COP 8980 Ed. D. Dissertation in Computer Science . . . . . 1-18(F,S,SS)
Major independent research in Computer Science designed especially for candidates in the Ed. D. curriculum and instruction program with specialization in Computer Science. Dissertation will reflect intensive research produced by the student and collaboratively developed with the student's graduate committee. Graded on satisfactory/ unsatisfactory basis only. Admission to candidacy, completion of all other doctoral program requirements and permission is required.