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College Mission Statements
College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in the liberal arts--grounded in rational thought, classic theories, and timeless principles.

Toward that end, the College of Arts & Sciences emphasizes four cornerstones of distinction:
  • Academic excellence

  • Personal growth

  • Civic awareness

  • Unique learning experiences
College of Business
The College of Business aims to provide an educational experience of the highest quality in business administration at the undergraduate and graduate levels to the Northwest Florida region. Administrators and faculty strive for business students to become educated and to succeed--to be able to understand, to reason, to communicate, and to continue to learn.

To pursue this mission, the College of Business directs its activities toward achieving the following goals:
  • Encourage enriched instruction in all subject areas through the active involvement of students and the continued professional development of faculty;

  • Enhance and broaden the curriculum to keep it future- oriented through annual review;

  • Stimulate improved faculty research quality, productivity, and transfer to the outside world; and

  • Foster faculty participation in professional service and activities.
College of Professional Studies
The College of Professional Studies is a synergistic college which provides training for professional careers in criminal justice and legal studies; diversity studies; health, leisure and exercise science; public administration; teacher education and public school leadership training; the technology professions; and social work and aging studies. The mission of the College is to educate and prepare competent professionals who can apply 21st Century knowledge, skills, and abilities to address real-world situations and problems. To achieve this mission, faculty and staff in the College of Professional Studies support the development of community and regional educational partnerships that assist the student in the realization of this mission. A major emphasis in all professional programs is:
  • To involve students in meaningful community service;

  • To involve students in appropriate joint faculty/student practical or applied research, undergirded by strong academic programs;

  • To involve students in creative and meaningful activities which enhance their overall educational experiences at UWF; and

  • To undergird each student's professional programs with a strong general education background.
Specific divisional mission statements and information about programs may be found on the College of Professional Studies Web Site under each division.

Programs that are nationally accredited such as professional education and social work education have specific missions that also meet national accrediting standards.