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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
CLP-Clinical Psychology

CLP 3144 Abnormal Psychology . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Broad overview of psychological disorders of children and adults including history of abnormal human behavior, research methods, theories and causes, and contemporary treatment. Typical topics include adjustment, mood, anxiety, somatoform, factitious, dissociative, substance-related, personality, and psychotic disorders (including schizophrenia).

CLP 4390 Introduction to Forensic Psychology . . . . . 3(S)
Prerequisite: PSY 2012.
This upper-level undergraduate course is designed to be an exciting and intellectually challenging introduction to the study of Forensic Psychology. Forensic Psychology deals with the interplay between the disciplines of psychology and law. Specifically, this class examines the legal system through the use of psychological concepts, psychological methods, and psychological research results. Although the course covers both criminal and civil aspects of the legal system, the primary focus will be on the role of psychologists in those areas pertaining to the criminal legal system. Class content focuses on theory but also has a strong experiential component as well. Specifically, the class learning experience culminates in the production of a Mock Trial.

CLP 5166 Psychopathology . . . . . 3(F)
Prerequisite: CLP 3144.
In depth analysis of child and adult psychological disorders focusing on practical application of the current diagnostic manual in developing diagnostic formulations. Emphasis on an integrative theoretical approach and the empirical foundation for theory, causes, and treatment of psychological disorders.

CLP 6441 Individual Intelligence Testing . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
Integration of theory and research on intellectual assessment in support of development of practical skill and expertise in administering, scoring, interpreting, and writing reports of standard intelligence tests. Emphasis is on the Wechsler Scales and the Stanford-Binet. Permission is required.