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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
CGS-Computer General Studies

CGS 2570 Personal Computer Applications . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Internet Based online course, which provides practical experience with current popular microcomputer application packages. Students typically learn to use word-processing, spreadsheet, database software, and PowerPoint. Required for CIS majors but may not be taken for credit by CS majors.

CGS 2580 Desktop Publishing . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: CGS 2570.
Illustrates the principles and produces documents that demonstrate most of the features of desktop publishing. A typical project includes page layout, composition, and production of a document. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors.

CGS 3172 Web Design for e-Commerce . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: CGS 2570 or CGS 3823.
Introduces the student to the concepts and principles of designing software tools used in web applications for electronic commerce. The student will gain hands on experience in developing, manipulating, and implementing web tools for electronic transactions such as a web database and an electronic shopping cart.

CGS 3283 Networking Principles . . . . . 3(F,S)
Introduction to the concepts that underlie networking technology. Caters to audiences without a technical background, but is still comprehensive enough to tie together all aspects of networking theory. The seven-layer OSI model is used as a framework to provide the background necessary to explain networking theory, interaction and dependencies, emphasizing Internet applications. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors.

CGS 3284 Network Management and Design . . . . . 12(F,S)
Develops the skills required to successfully manage and troubleshoot the ongoing needs of Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 server-based operating system environments, including Windows.Net Server. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors. Permission is required.

CGS 3464 Programming Using Visual Basic for Non-Majors . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
An introductory course in programming for non-majors. Incorporates the basic concepts of programming, programming logic and problem solving, as well as the design features of a visual, event driven language. Students will use a visual interface to program useful applications Assumes no prior computer knowledge. May not be taken for credit by by CS/CIS majors.

CGS 3523 Computer Graphics Applications . . . . . 3(F,S)
Introduces the student to concepts of computer graphics applications, including graphics capabilities of text processing systems, paint programs, scanning and digitizing, photo enhancing, 2 and 3 dimensional systems, video, animation, and Internet based resources with applications and demos of a variety of software packages. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors.

CGS 3559 Exploring the Internet . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Introduces the student to the Internet, using the Internet itself as the main source of information. Tools, including World Wide Web browsers, mail programs and other electronic devices will be presented and used. At the end of the course the student should be able to recognize the extent, capabilities, advantages, and problems involving the Internet. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors.

CGS 3604 Applications of Information Technology . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: CGS 2570 or EME 2040; MAC 1105 or higher.
Investigates current applications of information technology in business, scientific research, education, and media, and examines issues facing the information technology professional working in a variety of disciplines.

CGS 3823 Web Page Design . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Techniques for the creation of web sites that are flexible, scalable and that take advantage of the World Wide Web. Topics include: FTP, HTML tags and web servers. Requires some research and project development. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors.

CGS 3875 Multimedia Systems . . . . . 3(F,S)
Prerequisite: MAC 1105 or higher.
Designed to be an Introduction to the basic Multimedia formats: Text, Graphics, Audio and Video. Will include in-depth study of formats, authoring, presentation and the principles behind digital multimedia such as digital representation, compression algorithms, and computer networking principles. Has a special emphasis on web based multimedia. Various software packages will be used in the creation and manipulation of these various media formats. May not be taken for credit by CS/CIS majors.