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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
BCN-Building Construction

BCN 2405 Construction Mechanics . . . . . 3(F)
Static's of particles, rigid bodies, friction, distributed forces, centroids and moments of inertia. Includes a study of the strength of materials of construction.

BCN 3282C Construction Surveying and Building Layout . . . . . 3(SS)
Theory, use and application of tape, level and transit. Includes surveying, triangulation, state coordinate system, earthwork and layout. Basic course in surveying prior to this course.

BCN 3502 Plumbing and Drainage . . . . . 3(F)
Includes water demand design, refuse systems, codes, distribution systems, drainage principles, drainage design, storm drainage systems and community and private sewage disposal. Methods of water treatment and cost estimating are discussed. Principles of hydraulics and pneumatics and the installation of plumbing and drainage systems are discussed.

BCN 3731 Construction Safety . . . . . 3(S)
Prerequisite: BCN 2405.
Principles of safety in typical industrial environment. Emphasis on Occupational Safety and Health Act. Analysis and design of safety programs for industry.

BCN 4431 Structures I . . . . . 4(F)
Prerequisite: BCN 2405.
Analysis and design of structural elements for buildings, bridges and specialized structures which utilize steel and timber. Includes beam shear, deflection, bearing and moment.

BCN 4461C Structures II . . . . . 4(S)
Analysis and design of concrete elements related to construction. Handbooks based on reinforced concrete strength design methods are utilized. Codes and safety as they apply to concrete structures are studied. Forms, formwork design and form materials are studied.

BCN 4510 Environmental Technology-Heat and Air . . . . . 3(S)
Principles and practices of year-round air conditioning, ventilation and sound control in buildings. Includes code provisions and cost estimation.

BCN 4701 Construction Administration . . . . . 3(SS)
Principles and theory of ownership, organization, contracts, insurance, bonding and labor relations pertaining to the construction industry.