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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.

ARE-Art Education

ARE 3313C Teaching of Art in the Elementary School . . . . . 2(F,S,SS)
Art education on elementary level. Orientation in philosophy, materials and procedures for elementary education majors. Not open to art majors.

ARE 3314C Methods and Materials in Elementary Art Instruction 2(F,S,SS)
Prerequisite: ART 1300C, ART 2201C.
Current art education practices and philosophies are addressed through a practical, hands-on exploration of the artistic media appropriate for the primary school child. Practicum activities in the public school classroom are required. This course is a prerequisite for ARE 4316C, and should be taken after completion of lower division art core. Permission permission is required.

ARE 4316C Special Methods in Art Education . . . . . 4(F,S)
Studio activity incorporating contemporary concepts in art education, instructional and resource materials, evaluation and development. Curriculum development and implementation into the concurrent practicum. Individual criticism, class discussion and classroom observation and participation in the public schools. (8hrs. observation and 8hrs. participation). Permission is required.

ARE 4350 History, Philosophy, and Concepts in Art Education 3(F,S)
Assists the student to develop a personal philosophy and approach to the teaching of art. Investigates early thought in the development of the discipline. Explores prominent art educators, past and present, ideas about significant issues in the field. Examines contemporary philosophies, concepts, and movements in art education.

ARE 4936 Senior Seminar in Art Education . . . . . 2(S)
Corequisite: ARE 4940.
Capstone experience. Integrates theory and practice from general education, art education, and studio art experiences with actual school practices and prepares the student for the unique demands required in the teaching of art. Intended for art education majors who are in their last semester and enrolled in student teaching. Permission is required.

ARE 4940 Art Education Internship . . . . . 10(F,SS)
Corequisite: ARE 4936.
A capstone experience of the Art Education Minor involves ten weeks of supervised teaching in the public schools, half spent in the elementary school setting, and half at the secondary level. Internship assignments are limited to the Pensacola area, and students should not enroll in additional coursework, or pursue employment during the Art Internship Experience. Graded on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis only.

ARE 5315C Arts Education for the Elementary Grades . . . . . 2(F,SS)
Arts Education including music and the visual arts at the elementary school level. Issues related to philosophy, materials, procedures, and research for/in elementary education.