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Writing Skills Requirement
The College-Level Academic Skills Test is designed to measure the level of student achievement of communication and computation skills. Prior to receiving an A.A. degree or achieving upper-division status and earning a bachelor's degree, students must satisfy the CLAST requirement.

All undergraduate degree-seeking students are required to satisfy the CLAST requirement after completion of 18 semester hours and prior to completion of 60 semester hours. Students who have completed 36 semester hours of 3000/4000 level courses and who have not met this requirement may be limited to registration of 1000- and 2000-level courses.

CLAST Administration
There is one administration of the CLAST on the designated Saturday of each semester. Students may register for the CLAST through the Testing Office. See the Academic Calendar for deadlines. An alternate administration is conducted on the first Tuesday after the regular administration. Students may participate in the alternate administration if they were registered for the Saturday administration but could not participate because of limitations of space or test personnel; health or religious reasons; temporary or active duty assignment in military service; participation in an authorized school-related function such as organized intercollegiate sports, debate, musical performances, etc., requiring their absence from the regular Saturday administration; or administrative error on the part of the institution. Documentation of the above is required for approval to participate in the alternate administration.

Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT) Administration for CLAST
Examinees may request to take one or more of the multiple-choice subtests at one of the sites that offer the computer-adaptive version of CLAST. The essay subtest is not available via computer-adaptive test. No subtest may be taken within 31 days of an examinee's previous attempt of that subtest. The score for any subtest taken prior to 31 days from the previous administration of that subtest will not be reported and will be invalidated. UWF students wishing to participate in the CAT-CLAST must request permission of the Testing Office. An original, completed certification of eligibility form must be mailed from the Testing Office to the CAT site administrator before the student may make an appointment for testing. An advance payment is usually required for each administration. A list of CAT- CLAST testing sites is available in the Testing Office.

Disabled Examinees
Disabled examinees who require special test conditions, such as braille or taped versions, specialized mechanical equipment, flexible scheduling, or specialized assistance, need to request special arrangements when they register for the test and provide evidence of the need for special test conditions.

Alternative Options for CLAST
Students may meet one or more of the CLAST subtest requirements by achieving a minimum score on the CLAST or meeting any combination of the requirements of the alternative options. The determination of meeting CLAST through alternative means will be decided only by the Office of Admissions or the Registrar.
Students may meet the alternative means for CLAST by:
  1. Earning a 2.5 GPA in specific college level courses in the recognized subject area; or

  2. Presenting minimum required scores on the SAT or ACT.
Refer to the chart for acceptable courses and test scores.

UWF honors alternative options approved by other Florida public community colleges with a transcript showing CLAST was met or with an official letter from the Registrar of that institution.

Alternative options for CLAST apply to associate and baccalaureate degree requirements. Students considering Florida teacher certification should contact the Teacher Education Student Services for teacher certification CLAST requirements.

Math Reading Eng Lang Skills Essay (taken prior to 10/1/91) Essay (taken after 10/1/91)
8/1/84-7/31/86 260 260 265 4 -
8/1/86-7/31/89 275 270 270 4 -
8/1/89-9/30/91 285 295 295 4 -
10/1/91-9/30/92 290 295 295 - 5
10/1/92-present 295 295 295 - 6


All options listed require the minimum test score listed OR a 2.5 GPA in a minimum of 6 semester hours of the required courses.

Minimum Test Score
ACT Math 21 or SAT Math 500 or

Required Courses:
Choose one of the following options - options may not be combined.

Computation Option 1 (complete 2 of the following):
MAC *102 College Algebra or any other MAC course with the last three digits higher than 102;
STA *014 Statistical Methods;
MGF *202 Finite Mathematics or any other MGF course with the last three digits higher than 202;
MGF *106 Liberal Arts Mathematics I, or MGF *107 Liberal Arts Mathematics II.

Note:  Students may only complete one course under the MGF prefix to meet the CLAST alternatives under Option 1

Computation Option 2 (complete 2 of the following):
MGF *106 and MGF *107 Liberal Arts Mathematics I and II;
MGF *113 Topics in College Mathematics I,
MGF *114 Topics in College Mathematics II, or
MGF *118 Mathematics CLAST Review

Note:  Students who use MGF *106 and MGR *107 must complete both courses and another course from the Option 2.

Computation Option 3
MGF *106 Liberal Arts Mathematics I or
MGF *113 Topics in College Mathematics I; and
MAC *102 College Algebra or
MAC *105 College Algebra

Mininum Test Scores:
ACT English 21or SAT Verbal 500, or

Required Courses:
ENC 1101 English I
ENC 1102 English II (or other equivalent college level English course)

Minimum Test Score:
ACT Reading 22 or  SAT Verbal 500, or

Required Courses:
ENC 1101 English I
ENC 1102 English II (or other equivalent college level English course)

*Number may be 1-4, college level credit.  Based on Statewide Common Course Numbering System.

Waiver Options
Students who have taken a subtest of the CLAST at least four times and have not achieved a passing score, but have otherwise demonstrated proficiency in course work in the same subject area, may request a waiver of that particular subsection.

In accordance with FAC 6A-10.0311, the following minimum requirements must be met for a CLAST waiver to be considered:

  1. You must have taken the CLAST at least four times and not earned a passing score on the subtest for which you are requesting a waiver

  2. You must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all college credit courses in the subject area(s) for which the waiver(s) is requested

  3. You must have completed all Gordon Rule requirements in English and mathematics (Courses which would meet Gordon rule are required even if the student is exempt from courses)
In addition, you must provide the following documentation:
  1. A letter indicating the subtest for which you are requesting a waiver and the reasons which you think support the waiver.

  2. Copies of CLAST scores from all previous attempts.

  3. Transcript(s) noting all college credit courses in the subject area of the subtest in which you are requesting a waiver.

  4. Documented evidence of a minimum of 20 hours of remedial work* in the subject area from a qualified source since the first time of failure of the CLAST and prior to the last attempt of the CLAST.
    *Remedial work may include lower level courses beyond those required for the degree, documented lab work in the failed subtest area, evidence of seminars or workshops completed in the failed subtest area, and written statement from qualified tutors. This documentation must include the duration of the preparation and the topics covered. All of the documentation presented should have been attempted and dated between the time you failed the subtest and your last attempt. Students requesting a waiver of the English Language Skills or Essay subtest should also submit three or four samples of graded work read by faculty or Writing Lab personnel, and score range of practice essays. You must demonstrate that you have mastered the skills for the subtest at the CLAST passing level.

  5. Evidence of any test adaptations already provided (i.e., additional time, several brief sessions, small group setting, recording of answers, etc.), if applicable.
If you are requesting a waiver of the Reading, English Language Skills, or Essay subtests on the basis of English as a second or foreign language, you also need to provide documentation or evidence of successful completion of instructional programs for English as a second language or English as a foreign language, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. This is in addition to the requirements listed above.

The committee shall conduct a personal interview with each student eligible to request a waiver.

A waiver may be recommended to the President upon a majority vote of the committee. The President may approve or disapprove the recommendation. The President may not approve a request which the committee has disapproved. If a waiver for a given subtest is approved based on this rule, the student's transcript shall include a statement that the student did not meet the CLAST requirement of the subsection(s) and that a waiver was granted. For more information, or to request a waiver, contact the Office of the Registrar at least four months prior to intended graduation.

Students who in the best professional opinion of the University have a specific learning disability such that they cannot successfully complete one or more sections of the CLAST and are achieving at the college level in every area except that of the disability, and whose diagnosis indicates that further remediation will not succeed in overcoming the disability, may appeal to the Council on General Studies for special consideration. The committee shall examine the evidence of the student's academic and medical records and may hear testimony relevant to the case. The committee may grant a waiver for one or more sections of the CLAST. Contact the Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences for more information or to request a waiver.

Students who graduated with the A.A. degree from a Florida public community/junior college prior to September 1, 1982, and who were admitted to upper-level status before August 1, 1984 are not required to successfully complete CLAST as a condition of receiving a baccalaureate degree.