CASSH Communications

CASSH Communications supports the communications functions of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities in partnership with UWF's University Communications. Do you have news, events, staff, faculty or students that you would like the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities to feature? If so, please let us know!

CASSH Communication Policies, Best Practices and Support Resources

CASSH abides by the university’s policies and branding standards for publicity, media and crisis relations.

As part of its strategic external communications, University Communications acts as the primary liaison between the media and the University. Items that require publicity to external communities (those outside of the UWF community) should be brought to the attention of University Communications.

CASSH Communications requests that both internal and external publicity items be shared with the CASSH office so that the college may remain informed of initiatives and offer additional publicity support as needed. These items may include events, guest lectures, exhibitions, performances, notable awards and achievements and funded research initiatives.  

Please view the following policies and best practices. 

Media Relations

University Communications acts as the primary liaison between the media and the University. The communications unit is responsible for pitching to the media, preparing for interviews and events where media will be present, and coordinating press conferences. University Communications offers best practices for interacting with the media and participating in media interviews. ... For more. 

Web Management

Web Services

CASSH adheres to the Institutional Communications’ expectations for web protocol and branding standards. More information can be found at UWF’s Web Services online.

Web Services  

Becoming a Web User 

Institutional Communications offers web and CMS training for all campus web managers on the use of the new Site Manager CMS system and templates. Visit Web Services for information on training programs.

Web Training Programs

Web Content Design Branding 

When designing or updating college or departmental content, web users should consult Institutional Communications’ CMS guide for university web branding protocol.

CMS Guide

Social Media

Social Media Standards

CASSH abides by the university’s social media standards and policies. For more on how to set up a page, the university’s use of social media hashtags or photography for social media, visit University Communications


When referring to CASSH through social media outlets, please use the hashtag #UWFCASSH.

CASSH Social Media Administration: 

CASSH requests that social media administrators include CASSH as an administrator on social media accounts in the event that accounts become locked. Please contact to coordinate.  

The following resources may be used to provide marketing and communications support. 

UWF Brand Portal

The UWF Brand Portal serves as a resource to ensure a consistent brand identity in alignment with the University’s visual strategy and editorial style. This valuable resource provides any UWF communicator with the tools necessary for cohesive and properly-branded communications.

The UWF Brand Portal offers some of the following resources:

  • Institutional Color Palate 
  • Design Templates
  • Editorial Style Guides
  • Institutional Typography 

UWF Brand Portal 

Additional Communication Outlets

When planning an event, please also consider submitting to the following outlets: 

Tips for Content Submissions

Submitting information on events, research, or features? Here are a few tips that will assist with the process! 

As a general guideline, all details and information related to items that require publicity and printing should be submitted as early as possible. At least six to eight weeks in advance should allow for content preparation and adequate coverage. 

Please submit any items for weekly communications by the Thursday before to

For submissions, please consider the following: 

  • Include all relevant details to the submission (who, what, where, when, why and how). 
  • Submit copy (100-200 words) that can be duplicated in a variety of media channels. 
  • Include attachments such as photos, flyers, images, video and web links to enhance content. 

CASSH Content Submissions

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For Additional Support

If additional support is required, or if marketing and publicity efforts beyond the UWF community are needed, please contact: