Skill-of-the-Week Tutoring Room Schedule

Rethink what you think you already know about grammar and writing.

  • The skills are offered only during the times specified below.
    • Consider our Grammar Live @ 5 on Elluminate Live sessions if you miss a skill.
  • These sessions are offered at the Main Writing Lab only.
  • The letters a and b beside a week indicate that two different skills are offered that week.  Check the yellow carbon copy of your Lab Work Form to see which skills you need, and click the weeks below to view the scheulde for those weeks.
    • Out of the 10 weeks the Lab offers these hourly grammar sessions, four of those weeks are two-skill weeks, meaning you may have to attend two sessions during those weeks.
  • Click on the skills to review the grammar rules.
Week of the SemesterRange of DatesGrammar Skills Offered
Weeks 1 and 2

Monday, August 25,
Friday, September 5

Writing Lab's Diagnostic Testing

Week 3

Monday, September 8,
Friday, September 12
Week 4a Monday, September 15,
Friday, September 19
Semicolons & Colons
Week 4b Same as above Sentence Errors:  Comma Splices, Run-ons, and Fragments
Week 5 Monday, September 22
Friday, September 26
Subject-Verb Agreement
Week 6 Monday, September 29,
Friday, October 3
Pronoun Reference & Antecedent Agreement
Week 7 Monday, October 6,
Friday, October 10
Pronoun Case
Week 8 Monday, October 13,
Friday, October 17
Diction:  Commonly Confused/Misused Words
Week 9 Monday, October 20,
Friday, October 24
Week 10a Monday, October 27,
Friday, October 31
Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers
Week 10b Same as above Verb Forms and Tenses
Week 11a Monday, November 3,
Friday, November 7
Faulty Comparisons
Week 11b Same as above Parallelism
Week 12a Monday, November 10,
Friday, November 14
Adjective and Adverb Use
Week 12b Same as above Capitalization, Italicization, Hyphenation, & Quotation Technique
Weeks 13, 14, and 15 Monday, November 17,
Friday, December 5

Continuous Paper Reading

No weekly Tutoring Room sessions will be offered during this time.

Week 16 Monday, December 8,
Friday, December 12

Final Exam Week

The Main Lab and the two Satellite Labs will be closed during this week.