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Remember, when you ask us a grammar question, we don’t make up the answer; we look up the answer.

Emailing Us Your Grammar Question

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We reply to e-mailed grammar questions during the Main Writing Lab's hours of operation, and we do our best to reply within two business days.

Please limit your questions to three, for we will not answer more than three grammar questions from the same person in a 24-hour period.

If possible, please provide context, example sentences, and specific references for your grammar questions.

Calling Us About Your Grammar Question

Please have your question ready and call us at 850-474-2229 during the Main Writing Lab's hours of operation.

We may have to call you back to answer your question because we don't want to keep you on hold while researching your question.

We will ask you to provide information such as your name, phone number, and location for Hotline utilization records only.  We will not contact you unless you approve, nor will we solicit you for donations.  We will not pass out your contact information to other departments, institutions, and companies.

Callers are allowed to ask three questions per day, and each call cannot last longer than 10 minutes.

The Writing Lab is closed during all semester breaks and holidays observed by the University of West Florida; therefore, neither the telephone hotline nor the online hotline is available to respond to grammar questions during these time periods.