On the Verge

by Eric Overmyer

Synopsis: Three "sister sojourners", each a prototypical Victorian lady explorer, equipped with dialog as pithy as their helmets, thwack their machetes through the wilderness while telling tales of past jaunts among the natives. As intrepid trekkers, they put the lie to any charge that they are representatives of a weaker sex. Mr Overmyer has written a play that is joyfully feminist.   Heroines to their heart, the explorers can accommodate themselves to any emergency (natural or man-made), although they are momentarily disoriented as they approach modern times.


Alex Cafuffle Chantelle Cognevich
Mary Baltimore Kerry Sandell
Fanny Cranberry Kayla May
Man, et al. Joshua Thomas


Production Staff

Director Scott Hudson
Scenic Designer Cory Tucker
Costume Designer Kendall Dayton
Lighting Designer Baron Leon
Wig & Makeup Designer Logan Goodson
Sound Designer Emily Carff
Technical Director Phillip Brulotte

Stage Manager

Tammy Babich

Assistant Technical Director Tyler Frayer
Assistant Stage Managers Eleanor Sweeney
  Elizabeth Watson
Charge Artist Shana Solomon
Assistant Charge Artist Alys Mead
Master Electrician Jeremy Sommers
Light Board Operator Alex Brookins
Sound Board Operator Raissa Lima
Wardrobe Supervisor Jessi Winter
Dressers Hannah Chism
  Kat Gold
Props Master Kayleigh Campo
Assistant Props Master Darian Canton
Props Run Crew Kimberly Collins
  Rey Garcia
  Kira Houser
Scenic Run Crew Matt Brunelle
  Allison Irby
  Ann Marie Nusrala
Wig/Makeup Run Crew Nicolette Aliano
House Manager Melissa Lashbrook
Scene Shop Crew Amanda Ceballos
  Tim Colee
  Kimberly Collins
  Hope Englestad
  Alison Irby
  Brittany Lester
  Kieannah Marshall-Dawson
  Dakota Scarbough
Paint Crew Miranda Cobb
  Chantelle Cognevich
  Hope Englestad
  Katie Joyce
  Kieannah Marshall-Dawson
  Alys Mead
  Maria Ruiz
  Kerry Sandell
  Jordan Whorton
  Jessi Winter
Costume Shop Crew Val Besser
  Edee Green
  Emily Albaugh
  Cassidy Beal
  Matt Brunelle
  Darian Canton
  Maria Carisse
  Megan Hancock
  Hayley Heath
  Kira Houser
  Brittany Lester
  Mallory Maiberger
  Renee McGee
  Alexa McKnight
  Topher Warren
Lighting Crew Jim Eisman
  Gabriel Esmurdoc
  Ann Marie Nusrala
  Jeremy Sommers
  Ray Vervoort
  James Wiggins
Props Shop Crew Annastasia Fiala
  Megan Hancock
  Katie Joyce
  Raissa Lima
  Garrett Metzler
  Joanna Warner
Scene Shop Student Staff Matt Brunelle
  Kayleigh Campo
  Tyler Frayer
  Baron Leon
  Ray Vervoort
  Topher Warren
Costume Shop Student Staff Kendall Dayton
  Gabriel Esmurdoc
  Annastasia Fiala
  Logan Goodson
  Hannah Hiers
  Jessi Winters
Box Office Staff Paula-Kay Beswick
  Kayla May
  Eleanor Sweeney