God's Country

by Steven Dietz

Synopsis: This exciting, highly theatrical docudrama is about the growing white supremacist movement in America, those dedicated to violent revolution and the expulsion from "God's Country" of non Aryans. The play covers all of the right wing lunatic fringe while focusing on three narrative spines: the trial in Seattle of a paramilitary group which calls itself The Order; the career and death of Denver's Alan Berg, the outspoken, controversial, Jewish talk radio personality "assassinated" by The Order; and, finally, the hate filled career and death of The Order's founder, Robert Matthews. These narratives are skillfully interwoven, sometimes non chronologically, with statistics and facts into a kaleidoscopic and highly theatrical vision.


Actor 1 Ron Crouse
Actor 2 Hayley Heath
Actor 3 Sam Osheroff
Actor 4 Cayman Bone
Actor 5 Keegan Stull
Actor 6 Alexa McKnight
Actor 7 Will Patrick
Actor 8 Christian Williams
Actor 9 Dominic Johnson
Actor 10 John Bankston
Boy Aidan Westerkom

Production Staff

Director Sam Osheroff
Dialect Coach Kris Danford
Scenic & Lighting Designer Charles Houghton
Costume Designer Kristen Taylor
Sound Designer Nick Rhyne
Technical Director Phillip Brulotte
Stage Manager Jacquel Bradley
Assistant Stage Managers Emily Merritt
  Baron Leon
Assistant Technical Director Matt Brunelle
Props Master Ashlee Ballew
Assistant Props Master Bethany Nelson
Sound Board Operator Matty Schnitker
Light Board Operator Betty Pietraszova
Scenic Run Crew Jared Gibson
  Ray Vervoort
Props Run Crew Tyler Cordell
  Amber Hoffmeister
Wardrobe Supervisor Ashley Sileo
Dressers Melissa Ezell
  Kat Gold
  Amber Persilver
  Gabby St. Amour
  Joanna Warner
House Manager Jonathan Maisel
Scene Shop Crew Jordan Grinnell
  Jeremy Hosbein
  Kieannah Marshall-Dawson
  Storm Hooten
  Ray Vervoort
  Will Patrick
  Storm Wilber
  Jim Eisman
  Gabby St. Amour
Paint Crew Jordan Grinnell
  Tiffany Nelson
  Jessica Abney
  Rebecca Moeller
  Melissa Lashbrook
  Emily Carff
  Gabby St. Amour
  Nikki Hartung
  Shanaya Dixon
Costume Shop Crew Nicole Campbell
  Nethaneel Williams
  Alexa McKnight
  Alexa Teebo
  Sara Santos
  Kat Gold
Lighting Crew Tyler Simmons
  Hannah Sharpe
  Hayley Heath
  Sam Yelverton
  Jeremy Hosbein
  Josh Thomas
Props Shop Crew Mallory Maiberger
  Amber Persilver
  Heather Edelman
  Amanda Pangle
  Larissa Gonzalez
  Amy Fenicle
Scene Shop Student Staff Matt Brunelle
  Zach Kuhl
  Nick Rhyne
  Dominic Johnson
  Robin Lawshe
  Sam Yelverton
Costume Shop Student Staff Anne Kraus
  Tiffany Nelson
  Kearney Starr
  Kristen Taylor
  Mary Tempesta
  Destinee Steele
  Chelsea Sorensen
Student Staff Electrician Aileen Cleaver
  Kieannah Marshall-Dawson
Box Office Staff Amber Hoffmeister
  Jonathan Maisel
  Amber Persilver
  Cheyenne Sutton