The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Synopsis: Wilde's "trivial play for serious people" is a sparkling comedy of manners. This hilariously absurd satire pits sincerity against style, barbed witticisms against ostentatious elegance. Wilde's brilliantly constructed plot and famous dialogue enrich the appeal of his celebrated characters, as he turns accepted ideas inside out and situations upside down in this, his masterpiece.


Lady Bracknell Nicole Dickson
John Worthing, J.P. (Jack) Colin Cook
Miss Prism Chelsea Sorensen
Cecily Cardew Haley Chouinard
Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. Sean Taylor
Algernon Moncrieff Christian Williams
Lane Malik Ali
Merriman Sam Yelverton
Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax Kelly Milligan

Production Staff

Director Kevin P. Kern
Scenic Design Glenn Avery Breed
Costume Design Lisa Eash
Lighting Design Charles Houghton
Sound Design Mark Duggar
Technical Director Phillip Brulotte
Assistant Director Josh Taylor
Assistant Scenic Design Keegan Stull
Assistant Lighting Design Jessica Abney
Stage Manager Jordan Irvine
Assistant Stage Manager Jonathan Maisel
Master Carpenter Zach Kuhl
Scenic Charge Artist Barbara Koha
Stage Run Crew Eric Chapman
  Shannon Williams
Master Electrician Jenna Luchkiw
Light & Sound Board Operator Justin Carter
Props Coordinator Thompson Chestnutt
Props Run Crew Shauna Simpson
Wardrobe Supervisor Stacey Strickland
Dressers Nicole Castro
  Sydney True
Scene Shop Crew Alex Cihanowic
  Maygan Eldridge
  Erin Finnegan
  Victor Fontaine
  Kyle Golden
  Lauren Johns
  Melissa Moore
  Rachel Shepherd
  Stacey Strickland
  Sean Taylor
  Christian Williams
  Sam Yelverton
Paint Crew Caroline Atkinson
  Jessica Benitez
  Nikki Hartung
  Rebecca Moeller
  Shauna Simpson
  Alex Squires
  Shannon Williams
Costume Shop Crew Linda Barnhart
  Toni Bonaccorso
  Ruben Diaz
  Nicole Campbell
  Nicole Castro
  Haleu Chouinard
  Annie Godwin
  Shannon Hemmings
  Josh Kolapo
  Andrea Martin
  Cassie Martinez
  Michael McCoy
  Ashley Sileo
  Chelsea Sorensen
Lighting Crew Malik Ali
  Jared Gibson
  Robin Lawshe
  Michael Solomon
  Daniel Williams
Scene Shop Staff Jessica Abney
  Zach Kuhl
  Robin Lawshe
  Jenna Luchkiw
  Nadeem Moukaddam
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  Josh Taylor
Costume Shop Staff Jac Corday
  Lisa Eash
  Emily Haggerty
  Jordan Irvine
  Marquez Linder
  Rachel Shepherd
  Stacey Strickland
  Kristen Taylor
Staff Electricians Kelley Finn
  Aileen Cleaver
House Manager Emma Powers
Box Office Staff Matt Dailey
  Ashleigh Dawn Krigh-Fleming
  Jennifer Krumel
  Michael McCoy
  Lynsey Smith
  Nathan Smith