Summer and Smoke

by Tennessee Williams

Synopsis: Summer and Smoke is a simple love story of a somewhat puritanical Southern girl and an unpuritanical young doctor. Each is basically attracted to the other but because of their divergent attitudes toward life, each over the course of years is driven away from the other. Not until the end does the doctor realize that the girl's high idealism is ultimately right, and while she is still in love with him, it turns out that neither time nor circumstances will allow the two to come together.


Young John Brennan Martin
Young Alma Katy Luebke
Reverend Winemiller Keegan M. Stull
Mrs. Winemiller Maygan Eldridge
Alma Winemiller Laura Rondinelli
John Buchanan, Jr. Nathan Simmons
Rosa Gonzales Rachel Shepherd
Papa Gonzales Christina Marrero
Doctor Buchanan Josh Taylor
Nellie Ewell Nikki Hartung
Mrs. Bassett Nicole Dickson
Roger Doremus Colin Cook
Rosemary Linda Barnhart
Vernon/Dusty/Mr. Kramer Kyle Golden


Production Staff

Director Sheila Mettetal
Scenic Designer Daniel J. Emerson
Costume Design Corey Stano
Lighting Design Kelley Finn
Sound Design Annie Godwin
Wig & Makeup Design Lisa Eash
Stage Manager Elizabeth Timan
Assistant Stage Manager Emily Haggerty
Stage Run Crew Shauna Simpson
  Daniel Williams
Light Board Operator Zach Kuhl
Sound Board Operator Grace Thompson
Props Coordinator Kayla Stueber
Wardrobe Supervisor Chloe Gonazalez
Dressers Emma Bone
  Raegan Quinn
  Ashley Sileo
  Nathan Toepfer
Scene Shop Staff Aileen Cleaver
  Daniel J. Emerson
  Zach Kuhl
  Jenna Luchkiw
  Cristina Marrero
  John Rawlings
  Richard Tabor
Costume Shop Staff Lisa Eash
  Chloe Gonzalez
  Emily Haggerty
  Jordan Irvine
  Marquez Linder
  Chelsea Sorenson
Staff Electrician Kelley Finn
Season Art Chris Sizemore
House Manager Ashley Macko
Box Office Staff Christopher Ford
  Ashley Macko
  Michael McCoy
  Benjamin Smalls III