Into the Woods

Book by James Lapine / Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Synopsis: The story follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King's Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch's curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone's wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results.


Narrator John Rawlings
Cinderella Chrysti Petrozzi
Jack Colin Cook 
Jack's Mom  Kayln Sanders 
Baker's Wife  Lynsey Price 
Baker Andrew Hubbard 
Cinderella's Stepmother Sherron Moore 
Florinda  Jessica Bare 
Lucinda  Arianna Maggard 
Cinderella's Father  Giustino Carrano 
Little Red Riding Hood  Brooke Hardy 
Witch  Meagan Parker 
Cinderella's Mother Aubrey Wollett
Granny Angela West
Rapunzel Lorelei Sandberg
Rapunzel's Prince Joseph Garnett
Cinderella's Prince/Wolf Michael McCoy
Steward Ian Werth
Snow White Annie Godwin
Sleeping Beauty/Harp Tiffany Eddins


Conductor Richard T. Glaze
Violin I Maeanna Naffe
Violin II Brittany Green
Viola I Audrey Naffe
Viola II Hae-Ree Lee
Bass Steven Trimble
Flute Brandi Hebold
Clarinet Katie Cox
Bassoon Meghan Danner
Trumpet Armand Navarro
Horn I Kathryn Patterson
Horn II Jennifer Lawson
Percussion Lynsey Boothe
Piano Tristain Luysterburg
Synthesizer James McAllister
Synthesizer Cody Allsup


Production Staff

Director Timothy Kennedy
Assistant Director/Dramaturg Sheila Mettetal
Music Conductor Richard T. Glaze
Music Director Tristian Luysterburg
Scenic Design Bethanie Wampol
Costume Design Glenn Avery Breed
Lighting Design Charles Houghton
Wig & Makeup Design Brittany Rappise
Technical Director Steve Grair
Stage Manager Leighann Miller
Assistant Costume Designer Meghan Miller
Assistant Lighting Designer Kelley Finn
Assistant Technical Director Katherine Pursell
Assistant Stage Manager Serjevah Davis
Master Electrician/Light Board Operator Will O'Donnell
Spot Operators Jaci Abney
  Darren Campbell
  Nick Wilson
Deck Electrician/Special Effects Caroline Atkinson
Sound Board Operator Mark Duggar
Backstage Sound Tech Tammy Mills
Props Mistress/Painter Corey Stano
Props Run Crew Melissa Foster
  Tom Wahl
Stage Crew Shane Cooney
  Rachel Shepherd
  Mary Kathryn Tanner
Fly Operators Daniel Emerson
  Clayton Walden
Wardrobe Supervisor Tara Whalen
Makeup Artist Jessica Godwin
Dressers Bobbi Fratto
  Bianca Gomez
  Jordan Law
  Laura Sebastian
Laundry Christopher Sanders
Scene Shop Crew Daniel Emerson
  Andrew Hubbard
  John Rawlings
  Grace Thompson
Scenic Painter Meagan Parker
Costume Shop Crew Jessica Bare
  Arianna Maggard
  Nicole Minardi
  Chrysti Pettrozi
  Lynsey Price
  Lorelei Sandberg
  Tara Whalen
Lighting Crew Darren Campbell
  Colin Cook
  Rashawnda Foster
Scene Shop Staff Ashley Elliot
  Will O'Donnell
  Meagan Parker
  Katherine Pursell
  John Rawlings
  Christopher Sanders
  Christopher Thies-Lotito
Costume Shop Staff Jaci Abney
  Annie Godwin
  Randy Hozian
  Kyra Lipe
  Meghan Miller
  Brittany Rappise
  Corey Stano
Staff Electrician Kelley Finn
Season Art Molly Bo Bowen
  Crayton Russo
House Manager Sherron Moore
Box Office Staff Jessica Bare
  Larkin Dooley
  Rashawnda Foster
  Andrew Pascoe
  Benjamin Smalls III
  Angela West