Goblin Market

by Christina Rossetti / Adapted by Peggy Harmon & Polly Pen

Synopsis: Two proper Victorian sisters, both now grown women and mothers, return to their childhood nursery to relive the haunting memories of their youth. Magically, they are transported back to their girlhood, as their nursery becomes a woodland glen peopled by bizarre goblins who entice them with luscious fruits and promises of unimagined ecstasies. One of the sisters, Laura, partakes of the forbidden offerings, while her sibling, Lizzie, bargains desperately with the fey creatures to save her from inexorably falling under their spell. Blending music, poetry and entrancing imagery, the play is a dazzling journey through the psyches of the two sisters as they struggle to regain the present and to reconcile the fervent, erotic yearnings of their adolescence with the matter-of-fact world that they now inhabit. Happily they succeed, but their voyage in and out of the past—and through the labyrinths of their vivid imaginations—weaves an enchanted spell that will linger long in the memory.

Rossetti Cast

Lizzie Lynsey Price*
Laura Jessica Bare

*Movement Coach


Pen Cast

Lizzie Haley Jensen
Laura Sheila Mettatal

Production Staff

Director Timothy Kennedy
Music Director Tristian Luysterberg
Dramaturg Stevie Neale
Scenic Designer Will O'Donnell
Costume Designer Meghan Miller
Lighting Designer Katherine Pursell
Wig & Makeup Designer Britanny Rappise
Technical Director Steve Grair
Stage Manager Tara Whalen
Wardrobe Supervisor Kyra Lipe
Props/Run Crew/Dresser Rashawnda Foster
Grid Run Crew Shane Cooney
Master Electrician Kelley Finn
Lightboard Operator Valerie Bogar
Soundboard Operator Tiffany Eddins
Scene Shop Staff Ashley Elliot
  Will O'Donnell
  Meagan Parker
  Katherine Pursell
  Christopher Thies-Lotito
Costume Shop Staff Jaci Abney
  Annie Godwin
  Randy Hozian
  Kyra Lipe
  Meghan Miller
  Brittany Rappise
  Corey Stano
Staff Electrician Kelley Finn
House Manager Darren Campbell
Box Office Staff Jessica Bare
  Larkin Dooley
  Rashawnda Foster
  Benjamin Smalls III
  Angela West



Conductor/Piano Tristian Luysterberg
Violin Maenna Naffe
Cello Ayla Green
Percussion Lynsey Boothe