She Loves Me

Book by Joe Masteroff / Music by Jerry Bock / Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Synopsis: Set in a 1930's European perfumery, we meet shop clerks Amalia and Georg, who more often than not, don't see eye to eye. After both respond to a "lonely hearts advertisement" in the newspaper, they now live for the love letters they exchange, but the identity of their admirers remains unknown. Discover with Amalia and Georg the identity of their true loves and all the twists and turns along the way!


Georg Christopher Blackmon
Arpad Darren Campbell
Keller/Customer/Cafe Dancer/Caroler Heath Carroll
Sipos Alex Dagg
Busboy/Customer Sevy Foster
Maraczek Christopher Thies-Lotito
Ilona Tristian Luysterberg
Customer/Cafe Dancer Barbara Martinez
Customer/Cafe Dancer/Caroler Stevie Neale
Customer/Cafe Dancer Lynsey Price
Customer/Cafe Dancer Sebastian Rivera
Waiter/Customer/Caroler Sean Sumpter
Amalia Nicole Thietje
Kodaly Tobias Thietje
Customer/Cafe Dancer Natasha Ticotin
Customer/Cafe Dancer/Nurse Heidi Warriner
Customer/Cafe Dancer/Caroler Emily Waters

Production Staff

Director & Music Director Timothy Kennedy
Choreographer Michael Wardlaw
Orchestra Conductor Richard Glaze
Scenic & Lighting Design Charles Houghton
Costume Design Glenn Breed
Sound Design Duane Turner
Stage Manager Katie Mack-Montenegro
Assistant Stage Manager Toni Federico
Props Master Courtney Fell
Props Run Crew Christie Curtis
  Tara Whalan
Costume Shop Staff Jennifer Bossa
  Erin Davis
  Meghan Miller
Wardrobe Supervisor Tracy Baldwin
Dressers Laney Camferdam
  Victoria Cruz
  Gabrielle Glaze
Wardrobe Maintenance Nicole Luciana
Lightboard Operator Serjevah Davis
Deck Electrician Will O'Donnell
Spot Operators Jen Godwin
  Tammy Mills
Set Running Crew Victor Aminger
  Shane Cooney
  Lamar Edwards
  Michael Lyons
  Andrew Pascoe



Conductor Richard T. Glaze
Violin I Sam Park
Violin II Ashley Duff
Violin III Molly Hodges
Viola Alex Sullivan
Cello Ayla Green
Bass Albert Harrah
Woodwind I Katie Lowe
Woodwind II Margaret Lehmann
Woodwind III Jenna Kimbrough
Trumpet Armand Navarro
Horn Benjamin Smalls III
Keyboard I Blake Riley
Keyboard II Darlene Reed
Percussion Ashley Platt
Drum Set Lynsey Boothe