by Craig Lucas

Synopsis: At home on Christmas Eve, Rachel is informed by her guilty husband that he has hired a hitman to kill her, and she must flee for her life—which she does by scrambling out the kitchen window and into the snowy night. She meets and joins up with Lloyd Bophtelophti, a true "original" who has changed his name to avoid alimony payments and who now lives with a paraplegic named Pootie (who also pretends to be deaf in order to get double disability). Rachel then wins $100,000 on a TV game show and begins a series of picaresque escapades involving numerous psychiatrists and, eventually, an ill-fated reunion with her husband. In the end, Rachel becomes a therapist herself, treating her own child (who fails to recognize her) and is led more and more to ponder whether the modern world might not be a vast conspiracy designed to systematically undermine her own increasingly shaky sanity.


Rachel Lillian Cassidy
Tom, Tom Jr. Jason Lucas
Pooty Sarah Sever
Doctor I-6 Sandy Lutes
Lloyd Brian Kuczynski
Trish Charnette Messe
TV Host, Woman Patient Irene Hansell
Tim Timko Regan Fish
Roy Jacob Richardson
Receptionist, Derelict Linda May
Dr. Helen Carrol, Game Show Announcer April Lister
Derelicts Mac Knefely
  David Sousa


Production Staff

Director Ron Roston
Assistant Director Linda May
Stage Manager Amy Jessup
Scenery Design Mario Ciere
Costumes Mitzi Presley
Costumes Assistants Arabella Spotts
  Linda May
Lighting Design Buddy Taylor
Props Ben Morris
Sound Board Operator Eric Brooks
Light Board Operator Matt Coburger
House Manager Nancy Phillips
Poster/Graphic Design Joy Ward
Tickets Pat Smith