Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

Book & Lyrics by Howard Ashman / Music by Alan Menken / Additional Lyrics by Dennis Green

Synopsis: Eliot Rosewater's a well intentioned idealist and philanthropic nut-- and as president of a multi million family foundation dispenses money to arcane and artsy crafty projects. He's also a World War II veteran with a guilt complex, haunted by all this wealth-- and also slightly crazy. His outlandish behavior enrages his senator dad, alienates his society conscious wife-- and the money attracts a young, shyster lawyer who tries to divert it to an obscure branch of the family. It portrays Vonnegut's vision of money, avarice and human behavior-- as it aims a satirical fusillade at plastic America, fast foods, trademarks, slogans, media blitzes and the follies of materialism.


Mr. McAllister Adam Chase
Norman Mushari Donald Devine
Mary Moody Jennifer Lettelleir
Dawn Leonard Jennifer Runy
Diana Moon Glampers Maureen Henry
Delbert Peach Bryce Merrill
Noyes Finnerty John Juhn
Charley Warmergran Scott Thompson
Jerome Hayes Jimmy Sims
Eliot Rosewater Chris Staples
Sylvia Rosewater Juliet Von Geil
Psychiatrist Alan Chamberlain
Senator Rosewater David Matthews
Kilgore Trout David Willis
Musicians Michael Bergschneaider
  Dan McCullough
  Ginger McKenzie
  Tim Spayd
  Charles Temblay


Production Staff

Director Ronald Roston
Music Director Ginger McKenzie
Scene Design & Technical Director Michael Turner
Costume Design Mary Bruns
Lighting Design Peter B. Young
Choreographer Jennifer Lettelleir
Assistant Director Patricia Burch
Stage Manager David Edgar
Sound Engineer & Board Operator Scott Melvin
House Manager Judy DeBolt
Poster Design Karen Barth
Tickets Pat Smith