A Month in the Country

by Ivan Turgenev

Synopsis: A bored wife living in the Russian countryside falls in love with her little boy's handsome new tutor, just like all of the women in the household. The wife's chief rival turns out to be her 17 year old ward; they make a wonderful portrait of two different women in love.


Herr Schaaf Hunt Scarritt
Anna Eve Windsor
Natalya Kimberley Carr
Mikhail Rakitin Bert Gordon
Lizaveta Angela Holsworth
Kolya Brian Turner
Aleksei Belyayev Waylon Wood
Matvey John Evans
Shpigelsky David Willis
Vera Jennifer Carl
Arkady Islayev David Newton
Katya Laurie Thomas
Bolshintsov Owen Ireland


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Mary Bruns
Technical Director Paul DeDoes
Assistant Directors Rita Creahan
  Tish Pennywill
Stage Manager Dorothy Doerrer
Lighting Control Carl Kimble
  Bennie Brassington
Audio Control Bonnie Jean Clark
Properties Kris Telese
Master Carpenter Paul DeDoes
Scene Painting Scene Painting Class
Hair & Makeup Renee Carnley
  Jackie Van Hook
  Sandy Lutes
Poster Design Lynn Gould
House Managers Judy DeBolt
  Connie Synco