Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare

Synopsis: First love at first sight grips Romeo and Juliet in a secret passion. But they are from families that are sworn enemies who can never let them be together. And so their desire for each other breeds drama and tragedy. A story of intense love and bitter rivalry, "Romeo and Juliet" contains some of the most memorable characters in English literature.


Friar Laurence George Penton
Sampson Chip Selby
Gregory Matt Gerth
Abram Jerry Badeaux
Balthasar Billy Buff
Benvolio Anthony Ross
Tybalt Joel Ledlow
Chief Watch Tom Stamper
Second Watch Jerry McCullough
Capulet Stephen Crossett
Lady Capulet Bonnie Jean Clark
Montague Sean Dunlap
Lady Montague Melissa Chestnut
Prince Escalus David Newton
Romeo Waylon Wood
Paris Mike Tripplett
Peter Eric Morin
Nurse Angela Holsworth
Juliet Jammi Adams
Mercutio Jason Gonzalez
Flower Seller Cherish Peterson
Page Christopher Levi
Apothecary Beatrice Lindeman
Friar John Jerry McCullough
Third Watch Jerry Badeaux
Maskers Ticia Hargreaves
  Leslie-Ann Early
  Hope Roberts
  Melissa Chestnut
  Jenny McCombres


Production Staff

Director Lance Hewett
Scene Design Judith Levi
Costumes Kathryn Carter
Lighting Design Jack Canavan
Stage Manager Meaghan Town
Technical Director Judith Levi
Assistant Stage Manager Marjorie Smith
Operating Sound Technician Cynthia Crane
Master Carpenter Morris Jarmon
Master Electrician Joan O'Rourke
Operating Electrician Derek Wolfe
Costume Seamstress Candice Barber
Costume Shop Assistant Waylon Wood
Assistant to the Costumer Bonnie Jean Clark
Wardrobe Master David Newton
Properties Manager LaDonna Adams
Scenic Artists Susan Morris
  Angela Peterson
  Yozanet Ghumay
Sound Tape Lance Hewett
Fencing Coaches Chip Selby
  Matt Gerth
House Manager Judy DeBolt