by Tom Stoppard

Synopsis: Travesties was born out of Stoppard's noting that in 1917 three of the twentieth century's most crucial revolutionaries -- James Joyce, the Dadaist founder Tristan Tzara, and Lenin -- were all living in Zurich. Also living in Zurich at this time was a British consula official called Henry Carr, a man acquainted with Joyce through the theater and later through a lawsuit concerning a pair of trousers. Taking Carr as his core, Stoppard spins this historical coincidence into a masterful and riotously funny play, a speculative portrait of what could have been the meeting of these profoundly influential men in a germinal Europe as seen through the lucid, lurid, faulty, and wholy riveting memory of an aging Henry Carr.


Tristan Tzara Joe Marohi
James Joyce Dave Sherry
Lenin Scott Winn
Gwendolen Stacey Bush
Cecily Joshilyn Jackson
Nadya Carla Wood
Henry Carr Rodney Walker
Bennett James Kelley


Production Staff

Director Fred Baldwin
Scene Designer & Technical Director David Maysonet
Costume & Makeup Designer Nancy Pickering
Lighting Designer & Board Operator Pam Perry
Assistant Director Heidi Workman
Stage Manager K.C. Soule
Sound Board Operator James Pettis
Master Carpenter Mike Evans
Carpenter James Pettis
Properties Maureen Henry
Costume Construction Assistants Jessie Richardson
  Doris Vail
House Manager Judy DeBolt