The Royal Family

by George S. Kaufman & Edna Ferber

Synopsis: A thinly-veiled protrait of the legendary Barrymores, another renowned "Royal Family of Broadway", the Cavendish clan comprises three generations of legendary American actors: dowager Fanny Cavendish, widow of the premier actor of his day, who at seventy is planning an upcoming tour; brother Herbert, a histrionic player now in his decline; Fanny's daughter Julie, at the height of her Broadway fame, and son Tony who has forsaken the stage for Hollywood. Heralding the third generation of players, Julie's daughter Gwen is just beginning a promising ingenue career. When Tony rushes home only to flee to Europe, escaping the attentions of a Polish movie star and Gwen shocks the family by marrying a "non-professional", it seems the Cavendish name and reputation is threatened. Through it all, Fanny rules with a combination of strength, wit, courage, and a sharp tongue, proving that the "show" indeed, "must (and will) go on."


Della Joshilyn Jackson
Jo William Fairchild
Hallboy James Pettis
McDermott Scott Winn
Herbert Dean Stephen Sheetz
Kitty Dean Heidi Workman
Gwen Cavendsih Lindsley Armstrong
Perry Stewart Colin Young
Fanny Cavendish Beth Ramirez de Arellano
Oscar Wolfe Fred Baldwin
Julie Cavendish Patricia Simmons
Anthony Cavendish Pete Shaner
Hallboy Michael Chisolm
Chauffeur Andy Mann
Gilbert Marshall Joe Marohl
Gunga Keith Prendergast
Miss Peake Wendy Prendergast
Aubrey Cavendish II Beezer Prenderagst


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Costume Design Edee Matthews
Production Stage Manager Scott Winn
Properties Joshilyn Jackson
  Patricia Simmons
Lighting Control Eve Vandenberg
Sound Control Ed Everett