by Michael Frayn

Synopsis: This is the story of an urban architect whose attempts to improve humanity by the environments he creates, only leads to chaos when the high-rise boom goes bust and two close friends are caught in the cross-hairs.


David Keith Prendergast
Jane Stacey Bush
Colin James Pettis
Shelia Patricia Simmons



Director Peter B. Young
Scene Design Heidi Workman
Lighting Design Peter B. Young
Costume Design Nancy Pickering
Technical Director David Maysonet
Stage Manager Mary Boston Berry
Properties Master Scott Winn
Lighting Control Joshilyn Jackson
Costume Crew Stacey Bush
  Maria Hamorski
  Susan Karl
  Shirley Schmitz
  Alicia Rodwell
  Maude Smith
Production Assistants Darryl Darling
  Michael Evans
  Morris Jarmon
  James Pettis
House Manager Judy DeBolt
Poster Design Lynn Gould