by Horton Foote

Synopsis: As gentle and warm as the spring night in which it takes place, is a mosaic of conversations and encounters that occur during a party at the home of a well-to-do family in Harrison, Texas in 1914. The Vaughns are substantial, God-fearing folk who expect their children to accept their standards, which sometimes seem unreasonable and oppressive to their lovely, romantically inclined daughter, Elizabeth. Secretly engaged to the rather rakish Horace Robedaux, Elizabeth announces her determination to break free, despite her parents' objections, and as she and her sister gossip about the others present, it is soon apparent that their elders are not always their betters and that the previous generation is often guilty of the very sins against which they warn their offspring. But, as the play ends, Elizabeth, while still restless, is not yet quite bold enough to really defy her parents—and to challenge the powerful but reassuring restraints that the times and a way of life have bequeathed to her and her contemporaries.


Elizabeth Vaughn Joshilyn Jackson
Laura Vaughn Rebecca Stevenson
Mr. Vaughn Daniel Mainwaring
Mrs. Vaughn Patricia Simmons
Aunt Lucy Heidi Bowen
Aunt Sarah Amy Bruner
Horace Van Golden
Stanley Hunt Scarritt
Dancers Hunt Scarritt
  Michael Evans
  Carla Wood
  Cayne Miceli


Production Staff

Director Jack Brookings
Assistant Director Heidi Bowen
Choreographer Kim Atwood
Scene Designer John Pettegrew
Costume Designer Nora Place
Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Technical Director David Maysonet
Production Stage Manager Susan Koffler
Properties Carla Wood
Lighting Control David Heeg
Sound Control Pam Perry