Between Two Thieves

by Warner LeRoy

Synopsis: Some travelling Jews enter a theatre. They draw lots for roles: thus begins the reenactment of a drama that has been staged nightly since the Crucifixion. Their purpose is to examine why Jews have been persecuted for 2000 years and to fix the blame for the Crucifixion. The indictment accuses Jesus of being subversive in religion and politics. Caiaphas and Pilate testify before the leader's daughter cries halt. She is weary of this nightly repetition and wants to get beneath the law and to see Jesus Himself. The troupe begins to improvise. We meet Mary and Joseph, Peter, John, Thomas and Judas. The first part ends with a general indictment of man: all are guilty. In the second part some of the actors are in the audience and they rise as spectators to comment on the previous scene. Among them are a priest, a rationalist and a woman who reasons with her heart. Every one of us has been found wanting in crisis; every one but Christ.


Elias Peter France
Rebecca Eve Windsor
Sara Sheryl VandenBerg
David Greg Mims
The Company William Fairchild
  David Davey
  Joshilyn Jackson
  Marc Petersen
  Erik Wortendyke
  Robert Nesbit
  Jim Coleman
  Treva Caton
  W. Bal Dumper
  Todd Hillier


Production Staff

Director Stan Dean
Scene & Lighting Design Peter B. Young
Technical Director David Maysonet
Assistant Director/Stage Manager Scarlett Bowen
Costume Coordinator Alicia Rodwell
Light Board Operator Amy Bruner
Sound Operator Andre Samuel
Production Assistants Linda Morgan
  Hunt Scarritt
Follow Spot Operators Barry Becton
  Dayna Johnson
House Manager Judy DeBolt
Ushers Phi Theta Kappa
Promotion Pam Herring
Carpenters Owen Ireland
  Raul Maysonet