Mister Roberts

by Thomas Heggan & Joshua Logan

Synopsis: This rowdy, realistic saga of a group of American sailors aboard a Navy cargo vessel in the Pacific shows the crew suffering from that deadly boredom that is part of the routine of war. To the ship's company, the Skipper is a cantankerous, small-minded man and every one of them conspires against him as the ship pursued its runs from Apathy to Tedium and back again. They are on a cargo mission, so little else is going to happen. That Mr. Roberts, [a lieutenant] shared the crew's dislike for the Captain was one reason for his popularity. Roberts joined the world to fight; he hates being inactive almost as much as he hates the Captain. Privy to the crew's hijinks against the Skipper, Roberts still feels it's his duty to retain some discipline. After winning many ingenious battles against the Skipper, Roberts at last wins himself a transfer to combat duty. It was this transfer that cost him his life on a destroyer off Japan.


Chief Johnson John A. Synco
Lieutenant Roberts Elliot Stegall
Doc John Struck II
Dowdy George Penton
Insigna Stan Garman
Mannion Wade Wasserman
Lindstrom Matt Cagle
Stefanowski Marc Petersen
Wiley Eric Kleinfeld
Schlemmer Chris McFarland
Reber Darryl Sellers
Ensign Pulver Todd Hillier
Dolan Jim Coleman
Gerhart Andy Mann
Payne Steve Settles
Lieutenant Ann Girard Linda Morgan
Shore Patrolman Jim Spicer
Military Policeman David Workman
Shore Patrol Officer Don Simmons
Other Seamen David Lobman
  James Kelley
Recorded Voices Matt Cagle
  Stan Garman
  David Lobman
  James Kelley
  William Fairchild
British Broadcaster Donald Clause
Billy Bob Russ as Himself
The Captain William Fairchild


Production Staff

Director Tom Long
Scene Design Peter B. Young
Technical Director Mikhail Gafner
Lighting Designer Bob Mathis
Wardrobe Stephanie Whitehead
Stage Carpentry David Maysonet
Assistant Director Faith Wertz
Stage Manager David Workman
Assistant Stage Manager D. Auriette Hahn
Light Board Operator Doug Lee
Sound Operator Michelle Thorne
Properties Manager Lorna Leifur
Properties Assistant Lisa Galloway