The Price

by Arthur Miller

Synopsis: As outlined in Variety: "…the conflict, the basic jealousy and the lifetime of, if not hatred, at least corrosive, though unacknowledged anger, is between two brothers, as well as resentment against a selfish, child-devouring father. The siblings meet, after a sixteen-year estrangement, in the attic of the family residence, where the old furniture is to be disposed of. The first is a policeman who sacrificed his education and probably a career as a scientist to care for his ruined, invalid father. The other, who arrives late, is an eminent surgeon who walked out on the demands of family to concentrate on medicine and personal success. Miller works up to the showdown scene slowly. The policeman and his wife first talk of the past and present to fill in some of the background. Then there is a very long, richly amusing, curiously revealing and enjoyable scene between the officer and a marvelously crotchety, humorous and wise old Jewish dealer who has come to buy the furniture but refuses to set a price without prolonged philosophic conversation. When the surgeon arrives, the brothers take a little time for amenities and feeling each other out before the basis of their long alienation and mutual bitterness emerges into short, blunt, enraged accusations. It is a taut, exciting and superbly theatrical scene, and it reveals the characters, including strengths and weaknesses, of the brothers to each other and themselves—as well as to the audience."


Victor Franz Scott R. Sophos
Esther Franz Barbara Gilbert
Gregory Solomon MacDowell Blue
Walter Franz Stan Dean


Production Staff

Director Bo Rabby
Scene Designer G. Scott Corliss
Costume Designer Stephanie Whitehead
Wardrobe Assistant Cee-Em Ward
Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Lighting Assistants MacDowell Blue
  Bob Mathis
Properties Terry Dillon
  Tim Sexton
Light Board Operator David Heeg
Sound Board Operator Regina Graham