The Birthday Party

by Harold Pinter

Synopsis: In a small house at a coastal resort live a man, his mentally wayward wife and their boarder who has been with them for a year. He is a strange chap, unkempt and in flight from we know not what. Enter an even stranger sleek Jewish man and his muscle bound Irish henchman. The mentally immature wife accommodates them with a room and then decides that it is time for the boarder to have a birthday. At the party she arranges, the new guests play cruel games with the boarder, break his glasses, make a buffoon of him, and push him over the psychotic precipice. The next morning he is reduced to a gibbering idiot and meekly leaves with them.


Meg Anne Hunter
Petey George Penton
Stanley James M. Kerrigan
LuLu Sophia McGee
  Auriette Hahn
  Amy Slatton
  Stephanie Whitehead
Goldberg MacDowell Blue
McCann James Epperson


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene & Lighting Designer G. Scott Corliss
Technical Director G. Scott Corliss
Costume Designer Stephanie Whitehead
Stage Manager Faith Wertz
Light Board Operator Curtis Britcher
Sound Operator James Blackwell
Properties Lisa Acri
  Vicky Irvin
Electrician James Prieto
Crew Work Technical Theatre Class
House Manager Sophia McGee
Ushers LuLu & Others
Poster Design Lynn Gould