The American Clock

by Arthur Miller

Synopsis: Subtitled "a mural for the theatre," the play employs a series of vignettes and short scenes, with the actors portraying some fifty-two characters, to capture the sense and substance of America in the throes of the Great Depression. The central figures are the Baums, a wealthy family whose fortune has vanished in the stock market crash, but their story is amplified and illuminated by brief glimpses of other lives; a farmer who has lost all in the dust bowl; a prostitute who exchanges her favors for dental work; a white Southern sheriff in thrall to a black short-order cook; a young man who dreams of success on Tin Pan Alley, etc. Moving deftly from scene to scene, some funny, some movingly poignant, the play becomes a deeply affecting evocation both of a tortured time in American history and of the indomitable spirit of the people who survived and prevailed in the face of unaccustomed adversity.


Lee Baum Scott R. Sophos
Arthur Robertson Scott Shearon
Rose Baum Linda Walden


J. Otis Powell
Moe Baum Keith Prendergast

Frank/Jesse Livermore/


MacDowell Blue

Fanny Margolies/Mrs. Taylor/Myrna

Beth Ramirez de Arellano

Grandpa/Judge Bradley/Kapush

William Fairchild

Rosman/Waiter/Bicycle Thief/

Piano Mover/Bidder/Rudy/Ryan

Neal Moran

William Durant/Howard/

Piano Mover/Sheriff/Toland

George Penton

Arthur Clayton/Sidney Margolies/


Tim Sexton
Tony/Henry Taylor/Dugan Marc Petersen

Diana Morgan/Bidder/Lucy/


Cee-Em Ward
Joe/Charlie/Bush John Jackson III

Doris Gross/Harriet Taylor/


Rita Creahan
Irene Gerrie Bailey
Iowa Farmers Sami Assadi
  Beth Craig


Production Staff

Director Susan Gitenstein
Assistant Director Rita Creahan
Scene Designer G. Scott Corliss
Costume Designer Stephanie Whitehead
Wardrobe Assistant Cee-Em Ward
Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Lighting Assistant Bob Mathis
Properties Terry Dillon
Properties Assistant Cee-Em Ward
Light Board Operator David Heeg
Sound Board Operator Regina Graham
Music Consultant Grier Williams