Crimes of the Heart

by Beth Henley

Synopsis: Three sisters have gathered in their small Mississippi hometown awaiting news of their grandfather who is dying in a local hospital: Lenny, unmarried, Meg, a failed singer and Babe, on bail having shot her husband. Their troubles, which are grave yet somehow hilarious, are highlighted by their cousin Chick, Doc Porter and Babe's lawyer who is trying to keep her out of jail while waging a personal vendetta against her husband. But the play ends on a joyful note with the three sisters re-united celebrating Lenny's birthday.


Lenny Magrath Susan Leet
Chick Boyle Sophia McGee
Doc Porter Bobby Mathis
Meg Magrath Corine McMillan
Babe Botrelle Vicky Dawson
Barnette Lloyd Scott Shearon


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Set & Lighting Design G. Scott Corliss
Costumes Stephanie Whitehead
Technical Director G. Scott Corliss
Stage Manager Rita Creahan
Wardrobe Auriette Hahn
  Judith Lindsay
Properties John Jackson
  MacDowell Blue
  Anne Hunter
Master Electrician Robert Lumpkin
Sound Control James Epperson
House Manager Auriette Hahn
Assistant House Manager Faith Wertz