The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Synopsis: Oscar Wilde's classic is a delight from the first cucumber sandwich on as Jack's double life catches up with him. The problems are resolved in an extremely charming and quite unexpected way as Jack and Algernon discover the importance of being earnest while answering to the name of Ernest. 


Lane Terry Jones
Algernon Moncrief John Sweet
John Worthing Jim Farrell
Lady Bracknell Andy Rogers
Gwendolen Fairfax Heidi Schuler
Cecily Cardew Anne Hunter
Miss Prism Beth Chestnut
Rev. Chasuble MacDowell Blue
Merriman Robert Ritto


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Technical Director Scott Corliss
Costume Designer Gillian Clause
Assistant Director Kathy Griggs
Stage Manager Toni Whitfield
Properties Master James Miller
Light Board Operator Sis Taylor
Sound Operator Shelly Guessford
Wardrobe Judy Warthen
Crew Work Eleanor Lukitsch
  John Jackson
  Jim Farrell
  Shelly Guessford
  Suzanne Kelly
  Jim Salinas
  Tim Meyers
  Faith Wertz
  Wendy Pendergast
  Jim Kerrigan
  Wiley Robinson
  Paddo Ansbro
  Lighting Design Class
House Manager Lisa Acri
Assistant House Manager Michelle McGee
Graphic Design Lynn Gould
Chairman Tom Long