Dear World

by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

Synopsis: Dear World is based on Jean Giraudoux’s play The Madwoman of Chaillot. A corporation has discovered oil under the streets of Paris, directly under a bistro. The Countess Aurelia (known as The Madwoman of Chaillot) lives in the bistro’s basement, driven mad because of a lost lover and reminiscing about her past. When the corporation decides to blow up the bistro to get the oil, a young executive, Julian, helps to foil the plan because he has fallen in love with Nina, the bistro’s waitress. Aurelia lures the corporation executives to the underground in the sewer system.


Peddler Steven Horner
Waiter Tim Brantley
Prospector MacDowell Blue
Flower Girl Brenda Weekley
Priest Greg Mims
Doorman Dennis Steffan
Nina Susan Jackson
Juggler Pete Shaner
Deaf-mute Linda Colley

Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman of Chaillot

Angela Bell
Busboy Dick Bell
Housewife Skeeter Thomas
Customers Ramona Hicks
Octogenarian William Chapman
Pimps Lloyd Cox
  Winston Howerton
  Mark Stokes
President Greg Watson
Julian Keith Fox
Lawyer Jim Robertson
Policeman Warner McElveen

Constance, The Madwoman of the Flea Market

Rene Singleton
Gabrielle, The Madwoman of Montmatre Trish Payne
Sewerman Jack Pyle
Street Musician George Spelvin
Fisherman Frank Spelvin
Vendor Susan Flake
Dancers Kelley Brown
  Elizabeth Cain-Bushart
  Susan Flake
  Jeannine Lucas
  Breanda Reames
  Sis Taylor
People of Paris Beth Bell
  Kelley Brown
  Elizabeth Cain-Bushart
  William Chapman
  Lloyd Cox
  Michelle Mika DeAtley
  Susan Flake
  Ramona Hicks
  Winston Howerton
  Liz Hobby
  Gloria Jenson
  Shellie Leifur
  Jeanine Lucas
  Greg Mims
  Brenda Reames
  Tina Rodier
  Mark Stokes
  Sis Taylor
  Kate Terrell
  Skeeter Thomas
  Kathi Thornton
  Angela D. Turner


Production Staff

Director Tom Long
Scenery & Lighting Peter B. Young
Technical Director Jim Kay
Costumes Gillian Clause
Vocal Direction D.B. Swearengin
Choreography Linda Stark
Orchestral Direction Grier Williams
Assistant Director Skeeter Thomas
Stage Manager Mary Leitch
Assistant Stage Manager Angela D. Turner
House Manager Fran Thornton
Dance Captain Sis Taylor
Property Mistress Angela Turner
Wardrobe Mistress & Makeup Millie Fisher
Costume Construction Jim Bowden
  Susan Flake
  Sis Taylor
  Skeeter Thomas
  Doc Wilson
Master Carpenters Jim Kay
  Greg Mims
Light Board Operator Doug Lee
Sound Control Doc Wilson
Follow Spot Operators Ed Gallentin
  John Hunt
Scene Shifts Natalie Boykin
  Chuck Ebert
  Jim Ebirioni
  John Newberry
  Ken Russell
  Jack Summers