by Henrik Ibsen

Synopsis: Ghosts is Ibsen's haunting study of the lingering poison in a marriage based on a lie. Osvald Alving has returned from Paris to his mother's home, carrying with him a dreadful secret. His mother's delight at having him home soon turns to horror and grief. The corruption that she had hoped to spare him from when sending him away from the influence of his depraved father has in fact infected his whole body in the form of syphillis. In Mrs Alving and her son's distrust of conventional religion and mores and Oswald's anguish with life, Ibsen created a thoroughly modern and provocative work. It created widespread outrage and shock when first produced in 1881.

May 14,16,22 & 23 Cast

Regine Engstrand Amy Saddlemire
Jakob Engstrand Fred Castelluci
Pastor Manders Keith Prendergast
Mrs. Helene Alving Nan Wells
Osvald Alving Roy Bertram


May 15, 21, 23 & 24 Cast

Regine Engstrand Susan Jackson
Jakob Engstrand Ed Poole
Pastor Manders Peter Shaner
Mrs. Helene Alving Barbara Marsh
Osvald Alving Mike De Maria


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Set & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Carla Wyatt
Technical Director James M. Kay
Assistant Director Wendy Prendergast
Stage Manager Linda Hamel
Assistant Stage Manager Margie Flunker
Master Carpenter Greg Mims
Scene Crew Jim Kay
  Jonathin Saphire
  Skooter Montgomery
  Rick Kelley
Lighting Crew Peter Young
  Lynn Kissling
  Marcia Herring
  Kevin Lea
  Bill Webster
  Melony Gamble
Lighting Control Cheri Catalano
Costume Construction Carla Wyatt
Audio Control Rick Kelley
Properties Margie Flunker
  Sue Vickery
Poster Design Nancy Brown
Printing/Typesetting UWF Duplicating Services
House Managers Keith Fox
  Mary Leitch