by Jack Heifner

Synopsis: A bittersweet comedy that is an astute, snapshot sharp chronicle of the lives of three Texas girls. In 1963, Joanne, Kathy and Mary are aggressively vivacious cheerleaders. Five years later in their college sorority house, they are confronting their futures with nervous jauntiness. In 1974, they reunite briefly in New York. Their lives have diverged their friendship, which once thrived on assumption as well coordinated as sweater sets, is strained and ambiguous. Old time banter rings false. Their attempts at honest conversation only show they can no longer afford to have very much in common.


Kathy Patricia Ann Balink
Mary Marie Zaar Brown
Joanne Lynn Ann Cooper


Production Staff

Director Tom Long
Production Stage Manager Ann Defoore
Technical Director Joe Crews
Lighting Designer Robert Hill
Costume Coordinator Lorraine Walker
Light Board Operator Christine Cantrell
Lighting Technicians Robin Lucey
  Steve Tuley
  Robert Hill
  Douglas W. Brown
  Rusty Harmon
Set Construction Terri Turman
  Randy Miller
  Ron Crawford
  Douglas W. Brown
  Steve Tuley
  Joe Crews
Sound Master Ron Crawford
Costuming Assistant Rodney Dee Walker
House Manager Marvin Eichorn
Ushers Delta Tau Delta
Voice in Scene 1 Jack Gregory