The Tempest

by William Shakespeare


Synopsis: The Tempest is one of Shakespeare's most suggestive, yet most elusive plays. It is a magical romance, yet deeply embedded in seventeenth-century debates about authority and power. It attends to the implications of Prospero's magic, his political and paternal ambitions, and the controversial issue of his "colonialist" control of Caliban. The Tempest was also Shakespeare's response to the new opportunities offered by the Blackfriars theater, and careful attention is accordingly given to the play's dramatic form, stage-craft, and use of music and spectacle, to demonstrate its uniquely experimental nature.


Prospero  David Matthews 
Miranda Linda Todsen 
 Antonio James Michael Kay 
 Alonso Keith Wakeman 
 Sebastian Don Sciarappa 
 Gonzalo Skip "Bus" Riley 
 Ariel Meghan Jones 
 Sycorax Patricia Weeks 
 Caliban K.M. Kay II 
 Ferdinand James V. Lukitsch 
 Trinculo Danny Thomas 
 Stephano Henry Davis 
 Iris Lynn Gerber 
 Ceres Nancy L. Brady 
 Juno Linda Lee Walden 


Production Staff

Director Haller T. Laughlin
Designer Peter B. Young
Technical Director Peter B. Young
Stage Manager Patricia Weeks
Props Making Ronald Griswold
  Mauya Schweitzer
Props Run Crew Marcia Kichler
Lighting Master Control John Starkey
Light Crew Joe Crews
  Jon Jackson
  Wendell C.
Sound Operator Jim B.
Sound Taping Effects Henry Davis
  Don Sciarappa
Production Assistants Joe Crews
  Nancy Brady
  Mauya Schweitzer
  Leon Conkin
  Simon Herwin
  Jeff Staley
  Steve Service
  Tom Carpenter
  Henry Davis
Makeup & Special Effects Mike Moore
House Manager Cindy Elliot

House Manager,

Friends of Theatre

Charlotte Danley