The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

by William Inge


Synopsis: The setting is a small Oklahoma town in the early 1920s and the home of the Flood family. Here we find Rubin, a traveling salesman for a harness firm, Cora, his sensitive and lovely wife, Sonny, their little boy and Reenie, their teenage daughter. The plot consists of a series of short stories — the fight between a husband and wife; the fear of an overly shy young girl on going to a dance; the problems of an introverted little boy who feels that the whole world is against him; the corroding marriage of Cora's rowdy sister; and the tragedy of a military school cadet who suffers from the stigma of being a Jew in an alien community. The play's message is that there is dark at the top of everyone's stairs, but that it can be dissipated by understanding, tolerance and compassion.


Cora Flood Susan Strassberg
Rubin Flood George Gabana
Sonny Flood Kurt Kohanowich
Reenie Flood Maresa Gamble
Flirt Conroy Linda Sue Lee
Morris Lacey Roger D. O'Neal
Lottie Lacey Judy Bedell
Punky Givens Stephen K. Butler
Sammy Goldenbaum David Pinning
Chauffeur D.J. Lee
Boys Outside Vic McLellan
  David Sherry
  Greg Sherry

Rehearsal Understudy

to Miss Strassberg

Judy Crittenden


Production Staff

Director Tom Long
Designer Gerald Watson
Technical Director George Gabana
Stage Manager D.J. Lee
Assistant Stage Manager Patti Zarek
Master Carpenter David Matthews
Set Construction Hughy Hearn
  Patti Zarek
  Eli Ross
  Maurya Schweizer
Master Electrician Tom Summers
Props Master Steve Tuley
Props Run Crew Norm Sutter
  Karen Kohanowich
Costume Coordinator Linda Sue Lee
Wardrobe Mistress Peggy Metzger
Sound Master Norm Sutter
House Manager Jim Cox
Ushers Maurya Schweizer
  Bruce Smock
  Lynn Parker