The Time of Your Life

by William Saroyan


Synopsis: "In the time of our life, live - so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it." The Time of Your Life, a rich tapestry of human life, peopled by a profusion of wistful dreamers, pining lonely hearts, and beer-hall-philosophers, is a twentieth century American masterpiece.


Sam Norman Siekirk
Sailor Jon Jackson
Willie Gransville Jones
Newsboy Wade Carter
Arab Steve Tuley
Drunkard Larry Nix
Joe Gary L. Smith
Nick George W. Lynn, Jr.
Tom Joe Tomko
Kitty Duval Karol A. Gorman
Dudley Skip Rector
Harry Jerry Longe
Wesley Ron Archer
Lorene Nancy L. Brady
Blick Thomas Etheridge
Mary L. Jill Raizk
Krupp George Gabana
McCarthy David Hart
Nick's Ma Mary Fran Spinnato
Kit Carson Stuart Byham
Anna Sharon Sneed
Her Playmate Kathi Shupe
A Society Lady Mary Milam
A Society Gentleman Norman Siekirk
Cop Jon Jackson
A Salvation Army Band Nancy L. Brady
  Wade Carter
  David Hart
  Jill Raizk
  Bruce Smock
  Mary Fran Spinnato


Production Staff

Director Roger T. Danforth
Set Designer David Hart
Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Coordinator Jill Raizk
Technical Director Peter B. Young
Production Stage Manager Thomas Etheridge
Props Master Norman Siekirk
Props Gatherers Carol Parnell
  Steve Tuley
Props Run Crew Carol Parnell
  Steve Tuley
Set Dresser Jerry Longe
Electricians Jon Jackson
  Larry Nix
  Russ Pascoe
Light Board Operator Russ Pascoe
Sound Operator Jon Jackson
Makeup Designer TA376
Costume Assistant Karol A. Gorman
Scenic Artists Nancy L. Brady
  David Hart
  Jon Jackson
  Don Julian
  Jerry Longe
  Gary L. Smith
  Monica Snyder
  Patti Zarek