Marathon 33

by June Havoc


Synopsis: Dealing with the marathon dance craze of the thirties, the play becomes a compelling human document and a sometimes humorous, sometimes scathing, comment on a unique period in our history.


Beezer Mark Francisco
Pete Joe Moricevich
Piano Larry Hanna
Percussion Stoney Lees
Trombone Rand Robinette
Ruddy, The M.C. Gary L. Smith
Evie Betty Taylor
"Sugar Hips" Johnson Jean Ehrhart
Lusty "One Punch" Hutchinson John S. Young
Rita Marimba Allison Finch
Scotty Schwartz Scott K. Youngberg
Pearl Schwartz Ree Crosby
Robin Eleanor Williams
Robin's Partner James Burbage
Bozo Bazoo Barry Angevine
Abe O'Brien Butch Gibson
Beefy Bancroft William Roberts
The Mick Miriam Williams
Helen Bazoo Barbara Langford
Ida Fran Hurst
Red Marc Peterson
Mr. Dankle Mel Gragido
Legionnaires Clay Davis
  Ray Sapp
Patsy Phil Rose
June (Jean Reed) Beth Harter
Flo Marconi Nancy Hasty
Al Marconi Alan Hensel
Rae Wilson Lydia Allyn Mahan
Schozz Wilson Michael Kilhefner
Man in Blanket Lawrence Westfall
Woman in Blanket Mary Elizabeth Willis
Mr. James Jerry O'Laughlin
Mrs. Beckett-Jones Marcia McFarland
Mr. Beckett-Jones Clay Davis
Matron Barbara Macon
Burke Ray Sapp
Forbes Lawrence Westfall
Mittens William Roberts
Pinkie Connie Marse
Joe Mark Blackington
Angel Allison Finch
Minister Clay Davis
Policemen Ray Sapp
  Morris Wallace
Night Club Star Barbara Macon
Showgirls Eleanor Williams
  Fran Hurst
Hinky James Burbage
Melba Marvel Tamra Pierce Andrews
Her Escort Marc Peterson
Roustabouts Ted Whitmore
  Morris Wallace
Spectators, Drunks, Other Visitors Tamra Pierce Andrews
  James Burbage
  Clay Davis
  Allison Finch
  Fran Hurst
  Barbara Macon
  Connie Marse
  Marcia McFarland
  Marc Peterson
  William Roberts
  Mary Elizabeth Willis


Production Staff

Director Roger T. Danforth
Scenic & Lighting Designer Don Calvert
Technical Director Don Calvert
Production Stage Manager Betty Taylor
Assistant Stage Managers Jean Ehrhart
  Clay Davis
Costume Designer Jennifer Miller
Sound Designer Morris Wallace
Lights Ted Whitmore
Musical Director Larry Hanna