Dames at Sea

Book and Lyrics by George Haimsohn & Robin Miller
Music by Jim Wise


Synopsis: This campy show is based on the nostalgia of Hollywood musicals of the 30's. It's big time New York, into which sweet little Ruby from a faraway Hometown, U.S.A. has come to make it big on Broadway. Who should she chance to meet but another boy from Hometown, U.S.A.: Dick, a sailor, who also has ambitions as a songwriter. Ruby begins in the chorus, and by the end of the day, in true Hollywood fashion, Dick saves her doomed Broadway show with a smash tune, as Ruby becomes a star on the deck of a battleship which just happens to be passing by.


Mona Kent Barbara Langford
Joan Missy McManus
Hennessey Joe Tomko
Ruby Terri Taylor
Dick Roy L. Bracken
Lucky Michael Kilhefner
The Captain Joe Tomko


Production Staff

Director Roger L. Danforth
Music Director Eugene Gonzalez
Choreographer Linda Stark
Scenic & Lighting Designer J.C. Holler
Costume Designer Dolores Moore
Stage Manager Keith Wakeman
Technical Director J.C. Holler
Assistant Technical Director Gary L. Smith
Assistant Stage Manager Jean Ehrhart
Master Carpenter Barry Angevine
Property Mistress Pam Roberts
Master Electrician Butch Gibson
Sound Designer Miriam Williams
Costume Mistress Nancy Hasty
House Manager Marcia McFarland