30's - Good Times And Bad Times - 30's

by Roger Cornish


The Barker Barry Angevine
The Freaks Donna Dunson
  Butch Gibson
  Marion Hedgepath
  Vycki Johnson
  Michael Kilhefner
  Lydia Mahan
  Gary L. Smith
  Keith Wakesman
  Miriam Williams


Production Staff

Director Roger Cornish
Scenic Designer J.C. Holler
Technical Director J.C. Holler
Costume Designer Dolores Moore
Lighting Designer Ted Whitmore
Sound Morris Wallace
Property Master Lawrence Westfall
Musical Accompaniments Larry Hanna
Stage Manager Al Hensel
Assistant Technical Director Butch Gibson
Master Carpenter Barry Angevine
Scenic Artists Michael Kilhefner
  Pam Roberts
  Keith Wakeman
Assistant Property Master Gary L. Smith
Property Crew Jean Ehrhart
Master Electrician Gary L. Smith
Light Operators Ted Whitmore
  Jean Ehrhart
  Joe Tomko
Assistant Sound Master Ree Crosby
Production Assistant Miriam Williams