The White House Murder Case

by Jules Feiffer


Synopsis: Incisive satire is aimed at the war posture of the United States of the future. This year's war is in Brazil where an American poison gas attack backfires. On the eve of an election, the President is worried about how to explain the presence of the gas in the U.S. peace arsenal. While a staunch old general, blinded and crippled by war, demonstrates by his stoicism the idiocy of outmoded codes and the cabinet concocts a cock and bull story for the people, the President's wife is murdered.


Lieutenant Cutler Butch Gibson
Colonel Dawn John Young
General Pratt Bill Hardgrave
Mrs. Hale Connie Cali
Professor Sweeney Barry Angevine
Postmaster General Stiles Dom Ramirez
Attorney General Cole Marc Peterson
Secretary of Defense Parson Walter Cline III
President Hale Alan Hensel
Captain Weems Lawrence Westfall


Production Staff

Director Roger N. Cornish
Scenic & Lighting Designer Don Calvert
Costume Designer Dolores Moore
Technical Director Don Calvert
Stage Manager Steve Kilhefner
Assistant Technical Director Ted Whitmore
Master Electrician Paul Schmacher
Properties Larry Westfall
  Pat Bambach
  Tamara Andrews
Projectionist Susan Copare
Wardrobe Mistress Jennifer Miller