The Rose Tattoo

by Tennessee Williams


Synopsis: Serafina delle Rose is a restless widow whose intense and absorbing instinct for love drives everything before it. The figure of this extraordinary woman dominates the small town where she and her friends are living and embodies the exultation and danger of unbridled passion. Her story, and that of the lover she chooses and the daughter she denies, are forged into a play of power, humanity and soaring emotion.


The Children John Hardgrave
  Cheryl Hardgrave
  Deborah Hardgrave
  Steven Bedell
  Michael Bedell
  Sheila Bedell
Rosa Delle Rose Miriam Williams
Serafina Delle Rose Nancy Hasty
Estelle Hohengarten Lydia Mahan
Assunta Barbara Macon
The Strega Barbara Langford
Giuseppina Betty Greene
Peppina Julie Lovelock
Violetta Karen Heraldson
Mariella Tamra Andrews
Teresa Theresa Alonge
Father De Leo Mel Gragido
A Doctor Bill Hardgrave
Miss Yorke Ree Crosby
Flora Roma Kimball
Bessie Judy Bedell
Jack Hunter Ed Douglas
The Salesman Butch Gibson
Alvaro Mangiacavallo Ed Ciolfi
A Man Alan Hensel
Another Man J.C. Holler, III


Production Staff

Director Thomsa R. Long
Scenic & Lighting Designer Don Calvert
Costumes Dolores Moore
Production Stage Manager Alan Hensel
Assistant Technical Director Ted Whitmore
Sound J.C. Holler, III
Master Carpenters Alain Hebert
  Larry Bevins
Master Electrician Priscilla Cooper
Properties Ree Crosby
Makeup Roma Kimball