The Would-Be Gentleman

by Jean Baptiste Moliére


Synopsis: Molière's beloved comedy features a rising member of the middle class who lusts for social status and higher learning. The strength of the play lies in its rich comic invention and its sure delineation of character. Its underlying themes of social striving, financial greed, and love's ingenuity still resonate.


M. Jourdain Dorain Stokes
Mme. Jourdain Kathleen Kirby
Nicole Amber Smith
Cléonte Edward Douglas
Covielle Alain Hebert
Lucile Alita Gabler
Dorante John Averyt
Doriméne Kerin Ashley
Music Master Marvin Minton
Dancing Master Robert Cotharin
Fencing Master Edward Ciolfi
Philosophy Master John Averyt
Merchant Tailor John Barrow
First Lackey Alan Hensel
Second Lackey Jerry Wright
First Assistant Tailor Edward  Douglas
Second Assistant Tailor Alain Hebert


Production Staff

Director Thomas K. Wright
Choreographer Jeanne Vance
Designer Jonne Thornton
Production Stage Manager Edward Murphy
Assistant Stage Manager Bette Scheuerman
Lighting Designer John Averyt
Master Electrician J.C. Holler
Light Crew Edward Ciolfi
  Judy Bedell
  Priscilla Cooper
Costume Crew Terri Solomon
  J.O. Zachow
  Priscilla Cooper
  Rachel Colcord
Props Crew Barbara Larrabee
  Barry Grecu
  Marvin Minton
Sound Crew Priscilla Cooper
  Alan Hensel
Makeup Crew Nelda Taylor
  Alita Gabler
  Amber Smith
House Manager Amy Furnans
Ushers LIBRA
Publicity J.O. Zachow