The Old Jew

by Murray Schisgal
Directed by Buddy Brown


Synopsis: The Old Jew sits alone in his shabby room, an old man pouring out his anguish to a group of imaginary neighbors. Then, removing his wig and makeup, reveals himself to be a young, embittered actor.



The Old Jew John Averyt

The Still Alarm

by George S. Kaufman
Directed by Teri Solomon


Synopsis: Set in the bedroom of a hotel which is on fire. The fun lies in the manner in which it is put out. In the face of most exciting danger, the characters play in the well bred manner of English drawing room actors. All amenities are preserved, even when two firemen come in. One of these might be called a practicing professional, but the other is an amateur musician. Although the fire under them becomes hotter every moment, he begins to tune his fiddle. Against a background of flames seen outside, he advances to the center of the stage and begins to play "Keep the Home Fires Burning."



Ed Terrence D. Jones
Bob Edward Douglas
Bellboy Richard Collins
First Fireman Paul Leavesley
Second Fireman Steve Sheetz


The Room

by Harold Pinter
Directed by John Barrow



Bert Hudd Dorain Stokes
Rose Kathi Kirby
Mr. Kidd Robert Cotharin
Mr. Sands Edward Douglas
Mrs. Sands Teri Solomon
Riley Thess Nelson

The Bald Soprano

by Eugene Ionesco
Directed by Kerin Ashley


Synopsis: A hilarious, unique satire on the ordinary English middle class, in which "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" talk to each other at cross purposes, while their guests, "Mr. and Mrs. Martin" fail to understand, and the Maid and a Fire Chief enter the absurd fray, getting nowhere at all.



Mr. Smith J.C. Holler III
Mrs. Smith Amber Smith
Mr. Martin Ed Ciolfi
Mrs. Martin Ann Griffith
Mary, the Maid Gayle Richardson
Firechief Steve Sheetz