Written and Directed by Rand Robinette



He J.C. Holler III
She Nancy Farris

Riders to the Sea

by John Millington Synge
Directed by Nelda Taylor


Synopsis: In a cottage off the West of Ireland, an old woman sits grieving over the loss of her five sons, who have all drowned. Now the sixth and last is about to ride down to the sea, and she prophesies his death.



Maurya Barbara Larrabee
Bartley John Averyt
Cathleen Jodi Hunt
Nora Alita Gabler


Chamber Music

by Arthur Kopit
Directed by J.O. Zachow


Synopsis: This strange meeting features The Woman in the Safari Outfit, the Woman in Armor (she has barracks language down pat, wears rusty armor, is called Joan of Arc and carries a big crucifix), the Woman with the Gavel, and others. The business at hand is how to attack the men's ward before they attack the women and devour them like cannibals? A ruse is needed so they kill the Aviatrix named Amelia Earhart. This exercise causes them to lose the strand of their thought and forget why they did it.



Woman Who Plays Records Deborah Thompson
Woman in Safari Outfit Jacqueline Carter
Woman with Notebook Amy Furnans
Girl in Gossamer Dress Amber Smith
Woman in Aviatrix Outfit Priscilla Cooper
Woman in Queenly Spanish Garb Barbara Langford
Woman in Armor Kerin Ashley
Woman with Gavel Carol Morgan
Man in White P. Victor Carracher