Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare


Synopsis: The first tragedy to be played in the new Globe Theatre, "Julius Caesar "is set at a crucial turning point in Roman history, as the Republican gives way to the imperial. Safely removed in time and place from Shakespeare's Elizabethan England, Rome makes the perfect laboratory for the playwright's free-ranging political analysis.



Julius Caesar Gary Hacking
Octavius Caesar Bruce Rose
Marcus Antonius Donovan Sylvest
Marcus Aemilius Lepidus John McKnight
Publius Gene Orlando
Popilius Lena Mike Murphy
Marcus Brutus Stan Dean
Cassius Boyce Myers
Casca Rickey Cotton
Trebonius Brian Winfield
Ligarius Robert Bell
Decius Brutus J.O. Zachow
Metellus Cimber Ken Smith
Cinna Steve Rowell
Flavius Dan Wimer
Marullus Jerry Uddenburg
Calpurnia Cherie Shuck
Portia Jan Yost
Artemidorus George W. Loudon
A Soothsayer Kitty Smith
Cinna, A Poet Rand Robinette
Carpenter Bruce Rose
Cobbler Charles Batson
Messala Brian Winfield
Lucilius Dan Wimer
Volumnius Edward Ciolfi
Clitus Steve Rowell
Strato Robert Bell
Lucius William Shook
Pindarus Charles Batson
Messenger Robert Acker
Servant to Julius Caesar Barbara Haraka
Servant to Octavius Caesar Barbara Riday
Servant to Marc Anthiny Susan Gill
Citizens/Soldiers/Guards John Barrow
  Ann Bourdreaux
  John Gill
  Susan Gill
  June Bryant
  Amy Furnans
  Sheryl Hughes
  Kathy Kirby
  Barbara Langford
  Marvin Minton
  Nelda Taylor
  Wini Wanek


Creative Team

Director Thomas R. Long
Assistant Director Cherie Shuck
Scenic Designer George W. Loudon
Lighting Designer Brian Winfield
Costume Designer Marie Fuller
Makeup Designer Leler Bedenbaugh
Sound John Barrow
Stage Manager Mike Murphy
Assistant Stage Manager Kathy Kirby
Property Master Wini Wanek
University Theatre Shop Assistant Narcisco Escobar