1970 Directors' Showcase 2

Daughter of a Traveling Lady

by Peter Dee
Directed by Donovan L. Sylvest


Synopsis: A study of a teenage girl, conditioned by the independence her upbringing has thrust on her, who moves into an empty house in the suburbs and awaits the arrival of her wandering parents. Involved in her vigil are another teenage girl and a young telephone man, who try unsuccessfully to manipulate her. There is comedy and compassion in this drama which moves simply and indicates the essential strength of the lonely teenage girl.




Ann Bourreaux

Kelly Peggy Huduk
Telephone Man Charles Antolick



Enter the Hero

by Theresa Helburn



Ruth Carey Nina Orlando
Anne Carey Nelda Anne Taylor
Harold Lawson Dudley Minton
Mrs. Carey Marie S. Fuller



House By The Stable

by Charles Williams
Directed by Judy Bedell



Man Dave Sutton
Pride Nina Orlando
Hell William Shook
Gabriel Dan Wimer
Mary Wini Wanek
Joseph Mike Murphy



The Deviant

by Ganesh Bagchi
Directed by Rickey Cotton


Synopsis: In this play, Ganesh Bagchi studies the psychological motivation which prompts the sacking of a Kampala bank clerk, and the effect which this sacking has on the clerk's frinds, chief of whom is an intensely self-conscious fellow employee, named Lalit.



Lalit Rand Robinette
Shikha Barbara Riday
Dibu Gene Orlando



Something Unspoken

by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Stan Dean


Synopsis: Miss Cornelia Scott is a grand, Southern woman whose outer extravagance belies inner insecurities. She has a complex, codependent relationship with her secretary, and during the elections for the local chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy, their tensions reach a tipping point.



Miss Cornelia Scott Cherie Shuck
Miss Grace Lancaster Judy Bedell



Creative Team

Stage Managers Rickey Cotton
  Brian Winfield
Lights John Barrow
  Jerry Levins
  Dian Dusevitch
  Kathy Kirby
  Bette Scheureman
Sound Gene Orlando
  Sheryl Hughes
Properties Nelda Taylor
  Kitty Smith
Costumes & Makeup Barbara Langford
  Wini Wanek
  J.O. Zachow
  Amy Furnans